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Russian Hacking Report in Context

Jan 3rd, 2017 by David Rossell

single-blog-thumbOn December 29, the Department of Homeland Security took an unusual step:  it released a report detailing Russian civilian and military efforts to hack organizations, companies, and educational institutions in the United States.  It’s sobering reading, and follow-on news reports have indicated the attackers’ success at penetrating networks well beyond those of the Democratic Party.  You can read it here.

If the US Government, the Democratic Party, and universities with all of their resources were unable to stop the Russian attacks, what possible chance can a small/medium business have?

The answer is: more than you would think.  Read More

Strong Passwords Explained

Jan 3rd, 2017 by Mic Geoghegan

Lock ImageIt seems we don’t get a week without some major company being hacked, having data lost or released, or some kind of breach. With all that’s happening, security has been more on the forefront of IT than it has been in recent years.  I’m generally surprised when I talk to end users and discover how little they understand about the importance of security and most importantly password security. I’m going to give a very high level view of one form of password cracking, the most prevalent, to my knowledge, and explain how the strength of your password effects an attacker’s ability to compromise it, and your systems.

Brute force hacking is a type of hacking where, in the case of passwords, every combination of letters, numbers, and symbols is tried until the correct password is found. As you can imagine this is a very time consuming process, but what difference does adding a number or symbol really make? Here’s the math. An 8 character password, upper and lower case only, providesRead More

Is it time to rebuild your network from scratch?

Dec 21st, 2016 by Mic Geoghegan

Okay… Here’s how 90% of the networks I’ve seen have been built. Tell me if this sounds like you. You started with a fairly small, unsophisticated network. You probably had a single server, maybe even a workstation that was utilized as a server. You have a basic switch that you got from BestBuy or Amazon, probably DLink or Linksys. You had a basic firewall, probably SonicWall. As things progressed, you added to the network, maybe a bigger switch, Read More

Phishing Tips and Identifying a Scam

Dec 6th, 2016 by David Rossell

shutterstock_197054231 - PhishingPhishing—It’s not just about investment opportunities in Nigeria anymore!

It wasn’t that long ago that the most sophisticated scam email we would see in our Inboxes was a note from some supposed businessman looking for assistance with a cash transaction.  The threat landscape has changed dramatically in the past year, with phishing emails becoming more advanced and almost indistinguishable from a legitimate email.  All is not lost, however, and this guide will provide some tips for identifying the wolves among your flock of otherwise peaceful email. Read More

What is a SysAdmin and why do I need one?

Nov 12th, 2016 by Mic Geoghegan

In IT there are a lot of Industry terms that aren’t well defined. Your IT provider may supply you with a technician and use terms ranging from Engineer, Field Engineer, Technician, and SysAdmin. SysAdmin, or Systems Administrator is generally considered to be the top of the food chain, as far as IT and Systems Engineering goes. The difference between a tech and a SysAdmin is similar to the difference between a cook and a Chef. Read More

Why Businesses Should Switch to Windows 10

Jan 7th, 2016 by Ntiva

Windows 10 has a number of features which make it distinct from its predecessors and one area in particular where it has shown improvement is in security. The importance of security cannot be overstated for modern businesses, especially when one considers the number of employees who are using their mobile devices for work related tasks. Below are some ways in which Windows 10 can make your business more secure.

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How Managed IT Helps Your Bottom Line

Dec 29th, 2015 by Ntiva

Because IT is constantly evolving, it can be challenging for smaller businesses to remain updated with the newest technology. Part of this is due to the costs involved with making upgrades, but newer technology also requires knowledge to be used effectively. One way for businesses to stay relevant with IT is through the usage of managed IT services.

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How To Secure Your Mobile Device Network In The Workplace

Dec 21st, 2015 by Ntiva

A growing number of employees are bringing their mobile devices to work, and are using them for work related tasks. The good news is that these devices increase employee productivity. The bad news is that mobile devices, when handled improperly, can become a security risk. In the past, many companies responded to mobile devices by simply banning them outright, but changes in technology and society are making such measures both onerous and ineffective. Below are some steps that employees can take to secure their devices in the work place, and employers should ensure that these measures are being followed.

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Hiring IT Staff And Learning To Spot The Red Flags

Dec 14th, 2015 by Ntiva

The quality of the IT personnel you hire for your company can make the difference between success and failure. One reason for this is because hiring employees is expensive, but hiring the wrong employees is even more so. When you recruit the wrong people a great deal of energy must be spent resolving the situation which wastes time, money and opportunity costs. Below are some warning signs you should watch for during the hiring process, as they will help you weed out employees that don’t suit your needs.

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How To Cut Down On Your Business Telecommunication Costs

Dec 7th, 2015 by Ntiva

The 21st century is no stranger to major technological advancements that rock the world. Today, a phone is not only considered as a telephone, but a mini-computer and personal assistant combined into a single device! Today, affordable, accessible mobile technology has changed the way we live and it is almost impossible to run a business without a phone and a telecommunications service.

For any business entity, a simple phone call can mean a fresh lead and a sales opportunity. The costs of telecom services are rising and the need to save money has become a highly important initiative for many businesses. Read on to find out more information on how you can cut down costs for your business while increasing the quality and overall efficiency of your operations.

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