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Silver Sparrow: Why Macs Need Endpoint Protection

It's time for a new round of novel malware to match the shiny, new M1 architecture, so sing along with me, "Weeeeeeee!!!"

Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Why Your Business Needs It!

The security landscape has changed — for both Windows and Apple environments. Not a day goes by without yet another news headline announcing a severe cybersecurity attack. 

We Recommend You Delay Upgrading to macOS 10.15 Catalina

Apple released macOS 10.15 Catalina on October 7, 2019, and like all major operating system releases, Apple has been talking it up since it was introduced at the company’s...

DMARC: Minimize Phishing Email in Your Inbox

Phishing sucks. It’s a persistent nuisance at best and potentially catastrophic at worst. While technology isn’t able to catch all of it 100% of the time, DMARC can help...

Macs Switching from Intel Chips to Apple Silicon

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, the company dropped a bombshell. In the future Macs will no longer be powered by Intel chips but will instead rely on...

Office 365: Using MFA with 3rd party email clients
If the email client you're using isn't made by Microsoft, your Office 365 password may not work.

How to Fix Audio Issues in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the go-to software for chat, conferencing and team collaboration. But audio issues that pop up during a meeting — you can't hear your team...

Set up Mobile Device Management for Office 365

Because more people are using mobile devices to get their work done, it's important to make sure your organization's data on these devices is secure. Our Apple Toolkit...

How to Prepare & Perform a Mac Migration

When it's time to move your content to a new Mac, Apple provides Migration Assistant to get the job done. Migration Assistant can migrate data from a Mac, Time Machine...

Still Using PostScript Type 1 Fonts? Really?

Are you still using postscript type 1 fonts?

We originally posted this article in 2011 and it's even more relevant today (in 2018)!

2021 UPDATE: Adobe is Ending Support...

Updating Mac Keychain After a Password Change

Do you need to update your Apple Mac keychain after a password change? Here's how!

Creating Network/Mobile Accounts with Local Homes

Configuring a workstation to use a network or mobile account is beneficial in environments where administrators wish to manage authentication from a central server,...