Managed IT and Technology Consulting for Private Equity and M&A

Technology Consulting, Services and Support for Private Equity Firms and Their Portfolio Companies

Private equity firms and their portfolio companies face unique business challenges, including reaching ambitious growth goals and increasing investment multipliers … not to mention managing acquisitions while maintaining a well-optimized, lean business.

On top of this, unaddressed technology issues add significant risk, which can grow exponentially as companies expand.

However, with the correct people, technology stack, governance, processes, and a partner that understands your challenges, your IT can be transformed from a high-risk cost center to the crown jewel of your organization.

Ntiva, a private equity backed organization, has completed over ten acquisitions in the last few years, so we understand your challenges!

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IT Solutions to Address Private Equity Groups and Portfolio Challenges

Portco Cybersecurity & IT Minimum Standards

Portco Cybersecurity & IT Minimum Standards

We work hand in hand with you to set standard minimum requirements for cybersecurity and IT best practices based on your risk appetite and our industry expertise. Using our Cybersecurity & IT Standards Assessment process, we apply these standards at each portco. The process is used to:

  1. Measure the current security and IT posture of each portco
  2. Recommend improvements to achieve the pre-defined minimum standard
  3. Provide investment summaries
IT Business Plan

IT Business Plan

Want to get your companies to the next level? Plan technology like you plan finances.

By using our flagship digital transformation IT Business Plan, you’ll realize gains from:

  • Economies of scale
  • Consolidation
  • Predictable and controllable IT expenses
  • Simplification of managing environments
  • Standardization
  • Automation
  • Increased IP
  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity hardening
  • Proper staff decomposition
  • Operational maturity

In the digital age, technology is the underlying backbone of every business.

Fractional CIO/CTO

Fractional CIO/CTO

One of Ntiva’s mottos is, “Give us a fraction of a CIO’s salary for strategic planning, use the rest on execution and product.”

From an EBITDA standpoint, until an organization reaches enterprise level, fractional CIO and CTO services deliver far greater value and diversity in skill sets.

We start our relationship by doing an assessment and creating a strategic roadmap. Then, we make our CIO and CTO resources available to you as needed to meet your business’s goals, participate in product development, and provide IT governance.

Business Process Engineering, App Dev, and Software Selection

Business Process Engineering, App Dev, and Software Selection

Do the current applications being used support your business growth and intellectual property (IP) goals? If so, will they get you there fast enough?

We help you answer the “build or buy” question by helping you determine timing, dependencies, and by understanding your business process. Many portfolio companies have a process problem disguised as a technology problem. Ntiva finds the root cause of issues and uses a combination of process improvements and technology to fix them and increase your IP along the way.

IT Human Capital Challenges

IT Human Capital Challenges

Managing people in IT may be the greatest challenge for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. Unless your business is technologically multifaceted, it is difficult to effectively hire, train, allocate, manage, and provide oversight for IT human capital. Ntiva specifically addresses these challenges in several ways:

  1. Conducting a staff capabilities assessment
  2. Conducting a hire, train, and outsource (HTO) analysis
  3. Placing on-site full-time resources


M&A Integration Methodology

When buying or selling, it’s hard to determine business value. Our due diligence phase coupled with the Operational Maturity level will help you make this decision.

M&A Integration Methodology

M&A Due Diligence

The top question to answer during the due diligence phase of any merger or acquisition is this: Is the business worth selling or buying?

IT due diligence identifies risks of instability and opportunities to reduce costs while improving IT effectiveness. Ntiva goes even further than the typical IT diligence assessment, answering the big technology questions around processes, budget, people, and scalability that help you make the right decisions.

M&A Integration 180 Day Plan and Execution

Once the deal has been signed and closed, how will you properly bring multiple companies together from a technology standpoint?

This is where a technology assessment can bring faster integration and better outcomes. And to help you efficiently reach the finish line, we provide the necessary management of the overall integration. We carve out activities, provide the day-to-day direction, drive the IT blueprint, and deploy tools for IT teams to deliver and capture any identified synergies. The result? A smoother technology integration that gives you the best possible outcomes.

And with future M&A activity, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. We’ll create a template during the integration process that you can use as a technology playbook.

M&A Exit Preparations

When it comes to technology, potential buyers don’t want to discover major risks like antiquated systems, security vulnerabilities, and key person risk. Ntiva assists by plugging gaps and documenting the entire IT environment.

Of course, you need to find those potential buyers first. Ntiva can help with that too. We assist our clients in the search for motivated buyers by connecting them to Private Equity firms in our network.

Managed IT and Consulting for Private Equity Firms

Founded in 2004, Ntiva has grown to service more than 1000 clients from many different industries. We know how difficult it is for most businesses to keep up with fast changing technology, not to mention escalating cyber threats.

We’ve worked with many private equity companies who turn to us not only to keep their own IT infrastructure up and running, but to help with strategic planning, M&A technical due diligence, and more.

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