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Celebrating Our Employees!

Since 1995, the first Friday in March has been reserved as National Employee Appreciation Day. Today, we want to thank and appreciate every single employee at Ntiva for...

How to Find the Best IT Outsourcing Service Near You

As businesses evolve, they sometimes come to a point where taking on an IT outsourcing service makes more financial and logistical sense than managing all IT in-house.

Cloud Migration Strategy for Flexibility and Efficiency With a Remote Workforce

Perhaps the first question to ask is, why do you even need a cloud migration strategy? The short answer is, if you don't have an appropriate cloud migration strategy in...

Silver Sparrow: Why Macs Need Endpoint Protection

It's time for a new round of novel malware to match the shiny, new M1 architecture, so sing along with me, "Weeeeeeee!!!"

Law Firm Cybersecurity Made Easier Through Managed Services

Law firm cybersecurity has never been more important because the stakes are so high and cybercrime is now endemic. For instance, hackers penetrated the defenses of 48...

MSP IT Services for Compliance with Washington DC Local Data Security Standards

Companies across the nation are coming to grips with new privacy standards implemented by local, state, and even foreign governments. The city of Washington D.C. is the...

A Balanced Approach to Secure Remote Working: The New Normal

As more and more companies begin to adopt a remote work culture, there are many things for organizations to consider. This article takes a look at the top three...

NIST Compliance Mandated by DoD For Award Eligibility

Here's the bottom line - if you are a DoD contractor and you are not in compliance with DFARS-7019, you may be ineligible for any DoD award. What has changed?!

Implement SOC-as-a-Service to Cost-Effectively Improve Organization’s Security Posture

If there was ever a catalyst for adopting SOC-as-a-Service then 2020 was it.  The year of the pandemic saw normal life upended. The unrelenting creep of the virus between...

Identity and Access Management in the Cloud — Policies & Best Practices

What is identity and access management (IAM)? The simple answer is, IAM systems give the right level of data access to people who interact with your organization.

Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Why Your Business Needs It!

The security landscape has changed — for both Windows and Apple environments. Not a day goes by without yet another news headline announcing a severe cybersecurity attack. 

Easier FINRA Compliance Through Managed IT Services

FINRA compliance is an inescapable requirement for brokerage firms and other securities industry participants in the United States, similar perhaps in the way that death...