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There have never been more options for remote IT support than there are today. However, while remote IT support offers tremendous benefits to organizations like yours, it can never fully replace the need for on-site technicians. That’s why Ntiva offers the best of both worlds — the flexibility and service of remote IT support, coupled with the benefit of an in-person technician who can fix problems a remote session can’t.

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Why Choose Ntiva for On-Site IT Support?

Access to Skilled IT Experts

Access to Skilled IT Experts

Ntiva on-site IT services are performed on your schedule by skilled, trained, and certified IT experts who understand your organization’s unique IT needs.
Enhanced Security and Maintenance

Enhanced Security and Maintenance

Your on-site technician will help ensure all preventative maintenance and security tasks are done on schedule, protecting your people and your technology assets.
Reduced Downtime and Lost Productivity

Reduced Downtime and Lost Productivity

You lose time and money when your systems are down. With on-site IT support, you can make sure your computers and technology are always up and running.

What Is On-Site IT Support?

Sometimes the IT support your company needs can only be provided in person. In situations like those, Ntiva provides you with access to a network of experts to offer on-site services. These services range from support for one-off IT projects, physical installations and cabling, hardware support, and other hands-on services that can’t be delivered by a remote IT support provider.

On-site IT Support

On-Site IT Service Benefits

Outsourcing your IT support is one of the most effective ways to improve service while also reducing your costs.

But for many people, the phrase “outsourcing” calls to mind a remote call center that accesses your systems from halfway across the world. What do you do if you need in-person help?

The truth is, you don’t have to choose. Ntiva offers on-site IT support as part of our managed services. Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll appreciate having on-site support as part of your outsourced services package.

On-Site Service Means Fast Resolutions

1. On-Site Service Means Fast Resolutions

Downtime means lost productivity and money. When there’s a technical problem that’s keeping your computers or systems offline, having an on-site expert means you don’t have to wait for a fix. Why wait on the phone for support when you could have an in-person IT technician on the job right away?

More Efficient Operations

2. On-Site IT Support Is More Efficient

One key advantage to on-site support is that you have an expert around learning your business and systems. That means your on-site services also adapt to your organization’s particular needs. You’ll also enjoy the efficiency gains that come with having support that works on your schedule. When your people are in the office and need help with a technology issue, your on-site IT support can start right away.

Businesses Reduce Costs with On-Site IT Support

3. Businesses Reduce Costs With On-Site IT Support

Hiring and maintaining an in-house IT support team is an expensive proposition. With outsourced on-site IT support, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having an expert on-hand without the added expenses and overhead. It also allows your core IT team to focus on your core business functions instead of being sidelined by answering service calls.

Consistent Support Means Better Processes

4. Consistent Support Means Better Processes

Another advantage of on-site IT support is that having an expert consistently observing your technical processes is a great way to improve them. Your on-site technician can help you standardize and streamline your operations to reduce expenses, help end users be more productive, and create better documentation of your processes going forward.


Types of On-Site IT Services Offered

What kinds of on-site IT services does Ntiva offer? Just about any support that your end users need! While remote IT support can be a big help to your organization, on-site IT works especially well for the unique problems that your employees may experience. Here are just a few examples of the types of service an on-site IT technician can offer.

Hardware Support

Hardware Support

When a computer fails or breaks down, it can be hard to diagnose and resolve over the phone. On-site IT support can help your end users when they’re experiencing technical problems with the hardware they use every day.
Support for Printers and Devices

Support for Printers/Devices

Besides hardware, your end users also rely on printers, phones, and other devices — often at critical moments. An on-site technician helps your team resolve  issues quickly so they can get back to serving their teams or customers.
Network Support

Network Support

If your employees work in the office, they likely spend most of the day hardwired into a network. When this connection fails or gets interrupted, having on-site IT support is an excellent way to get them back online quickly.
Phone System Support

Phone System Support

Phone systems are still an invaluable tool in corporate offices. But if you have employees moving desks, changing departments, or even just updating their voicemail, they may need a little support. On-site IT makes it easy.
Security Management

Security Management

It’s important to keep your security protocols updated, but these changes can sometimes be hard to follow for your end users. Having on-site IT support available gives them a resource when they need a little extra help keeping their systems secure.

How Does On-Site IT Support Work?

Ntiva’s managed services include on-site IT support tailored to the unique needs of your company. You can begin the process by talking to one of our consultants today!

Once you’re ready to begin, we’ll launch our discovery process. During this phase we’ll learn about your challenges, your operational goals, and the needs of your organization. All of this helps to shape our approach and ensure we provide on-site support in a way that best aligns to your needs.

For more detail on how this works, you can review the four-phase onboarding process we provide to all new Ntiva clients. This process allows us to collect the vital information and knowledge we need to help prepare your business for success.

After onboarding is complete, you’ll be all set to enjoy on-site IT support designed to help your organization succeed.


How Do End Users Experience On-Site IT Support?

If you’ve never outsourced your on-site IT support, you may be wondering what the experience will be like for your end users. Here’s what a typical help request might look like:

How Do End Users Experience On-Site IT Support?
  1. The end user requests help.
    Whether it’s a forgotten password, system lockout, or hardware failure, the first step for your end user will be to request help from IT support.

  2. We dig into the problem.
    To make sure your end user gets the right help, we’ll ask a few clarifying questions to identify the problem they’re experiencing.

  3. We send in an expert.
    Once we understand the nature of the problem, we’ll send in our on-site IT technician to pay a personal visit to your end user.

  4. The expert resolves the issue.
    Once our on-site IT technician diagnoses the problem, the next step is to fix it. Our experts are trained to help get your end users up and running again in no time.

  5. Our support team follows up after the fact.
    To make sure that no new problems arose, we’ll follow up with your end users to check in and ask if they need anything else. From start to finish, the productivity and success of your team members will be our top priorities.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Ntiva’s On-Site IT Services

Paul Downey SNAC“We have an on-site field operations technician from Ntiva that comes in once a month. He solves any direct issues we are having, and I like being able to have face-to-face conversation with a consistent resource.”

— Paul Downey Director of Finance and Administration, SNAC International

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