Remote IT Support Service


Fast, Safe & Secure Remote Support Services

Here at Ntiva, we use the newest remote support devices that allow us full access to your network and systems - our technicians are able to log into your computer directly and determine any problem remotely.

This way, we are able to help our clients no matter where they are in the country or abroad. The tasks our technicians are able to perform remotely include software installation, cloud services, advanced troubleshooting, repair of applications, backup and recovery and much more.

As a business owner or someone who uses a computer regularly, you probably know that it’s often the smallest end-user problems that cause the most trouble.

Issues like inability to connect to the internet, forgotten passwords or being unable to print documents can often result in someone not being able to complete their tasks or spending more time helping others resolve technical problems than on their actual job. This can be a drain not only on time but also on money and productivity.


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How Remote IT Support Systems Can Help You

IT services are often swamped with clients, making your computer technicians unable to attend to your needs immediately. This means that a minor computer problem can make the whole workday go to waste. However, what if there was a way of solving these problems without the need to call someone in? Well, there actually is, and it is called remote IT support. 

Next time any of your staff is experiencing an issue with their computer, do not hesitate to contact us about our remote managed IT support services. Our team will be more than happy to help you solve those issues remotely, saving your organization time and money.