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Sharing files used to entail setting up a physical server or using a portable data device to move data from one computer to another. Cloud migration solutions allow you to move your files to the cloud, where you can take advantage of more robust file-sharing features. Ntiva’s cloud migration services can help your organization move data and product applications to improve efficiency and security. Learn more about what the cloud is, our cloud migration consultants, why companies move to the cloud, and more at Ntiva.

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Seamlessly Migrate Your Business to the Cloud with a Managed Service Provider

Several challenges can arise when moving your data from a physical server to the cloud, especially if you're transferring large amounts of data. As a cloud migration service provider, Ntiva can help you migrate your data to the cloud using our cloud assistant. In fact, our cloud assistant allows us to help you with the entire cloud migration process from start to finish.

Migrating your data to the cloud can be especially difficult if you have several years of data built up. Ntiva can help you migrate all your data safely, so you don't have to worry about modifying or losing any files. Cloud migration consulting services give you a simple solution to data migration and peace of mind.

Experienced Migration Consultants

When dealing with data, choosing the proper data migration services is essential. Ntiva offers seamless cloud data migration services that make it easy to move your data from a physical storage location to the cloud. Ntiva walks you through each step of the cloud data migration process, including mapping your current environment, choosing a cloud provider, executing your plan, and monitoring your move to the cloud. Thanks to our cloud assistant and years of experience with cloud data migration, Ntiva makes it easy for your business to switch to the cloud.

Experienced Migration Consultants


What are Cloud Migration Services?

Cloud migration services help you move your data from a physical storage location, such as an on-premises server, to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud isn't as simple as uploading data from a physical storage location — you need to ensure you're organizing data properly as it's transferred to the cloud. There are many reasons why companies move to the cloud, such as reducing operating expenses, increasing agility, and enhancing reliability. With all business data in one safe location, you can improve efficiency and security.


What are Data Migration Services?

Data migration is the process of safely moving data from one storage location to another. Data migration services help you create a comprehensive plan for moving your data to a new location, which helps prevent corrupt, lost and damaged files.

At Ntiva, we offer data migration consulting services in addition to cloud migration services. Whether you need to move data from one hard drive or server to another or you want to modernize your IT operations with the cloud, the experts at Ntiva can help.


Services for All of Your Cloud and Data Migration Needs

Whether you're migrating data to a new storage device or making the switch to cloud computing, Ntiva can provide comprehensive consulting and migration services to make the switch easy. We eliminate the stress and hassle of migrating your data and switching to cloud IT services.

Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

Migrating to the cloud or moving your data to another physical storage location requires extensive planning, and Ntiva can work with you to create a comprehensive plan. Ntiva's on-premise to cloud migration consulting services can make it easy to determine the best way to take your data from a physical storage location and migrate it to the cloud without losing any important files or information. We can even help you create a plan for adjusting to the cloud.

Discover and Analysis

Discover and Analysis

Analysis is integral to helping you make a foolproof plan for migrating your data to the cloud and adopting cloud services. Ntiva can take a closer look at your current storage solutions and infrastructure to figure out whether making the switch to the cloud is worth it, and we can help you migrate all of your data to the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

When you've finished planning and are ready to move your data to the cloud and adopt cloud services, Ntiva can help you make the switch. Planning is only one part of migrating to the cloud; you have to properly execute that plan to make a seamless switch without losing any data. Ntiva can migrate your organization to the cloud while protecting important data and optimizing cloud storage solutions for your business.

Sovereign Cloud Services

Sovereign Cloud Services

The cloud is a valuable storage tool, but you're only taking full advantage of the cloud if you're using the right cloud services. In addition to helping you migrate your data to the cloud, Ntiva can also help you get set up with the right services to take full advantage of the cloud and protect your data from potential breaches.

We’ll Support You Throughout the Entire Cloud Migration Process

Making the switch from a physical storage location to cloud storage can be time-consuming and complex. You might be wondering how much data migration costs, what benefits the cloud offers, and what you need to do after you migrate your data to the cloud. Fortunately, Ntiva supports you throughout the entire cloud migration process, which includes getting you set up and offering tips for improving cloud computing security.

  • Strategize: Strategizing is the first step in migrating data to the cloud. A data migration services company like Ntiva will work with you to learn more about your business and its storage needs, including how easily you can adapt to cloud storage and which services might benefit your business most. A thorough strategy is a crucial part of making a seamless transition to the cloud.
  • Audit: Next, we'll analyze your current infrastructure to determine the next steps. It's essential to align your existing infrastructure with industry best practices and cloud services, but you should also consider making any necessary upgrades that may better align your infrastructure with your cloud services. Ntiva can thoroughly audit your current infrastructure to determine the most efficient way to migrate data and adopt cloud services.
  • Design: Once we've taken a closer look at your business and your current infrastructure, we can start designing a supporting cloud architecture that works for your business needs. Building cloud architecture means figuring out which applications and services you're going to use, integrating those apps and services into your data, and potentially connecting apps and services to allow them to communicate with each other.
  • Automate: While human expertise is essential when it comes to cloud migration, automation is also a key component of migrating your data to the cloud. Ntiva uses the latest automation technology to help you migrate your data to the cloud and set up your services and applications. Automation speeds up the cloud migration process while removing human error from the equation.
  • Deploy and test: Once Ntiva has analyzed your infrastructure and cloud service needs and migrated your data, we can deploy and test your cloud architecture to ensure it works for your business. Testing is a crucial part of ensuring your data is properly migrated and your cloud services and applications are running smoothly. If a problem arises during testing, Ntiva can work to fix it before it progresses into a bigger issue for your business.



Plan Migrations Effectively with a Managed Service Provider

Migrating to the cloud requires extensive planning and expertise. As a managed service provider, Ntiva can help you make your migration to the cloud seamless so you don't have to worry about losing data or struggling to adopt services and applications. You can even access our cloud migration guide to ensure you follow the proper steps when switching to the cloud. Here are the benefits of using a managed service provider:



Migrating your company's data to the cloud can be time-consuming and complex, but Ntiva makes it easier by simplifying data migration and doing the hard work for you. That means you can migrate your data to the cloud faster and easier.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Moving large quantities of data from a physical storage location to the cloud can be nerve-wracking, but a managed service provider can eliminate those concerns. With Ntiva, you can have peace of mind knowing your data is safely moved to the cloud without any file damage or corruption.

Better Cloud Architecture

Better Cloud Architecture

Designing your own cloud architecture is difficult, especially if you have to analyze your infrastructure and deploy and test on your own. Ntiva takes care of designing your cloud architecture so you get the best cloud solutions for your business.


We Are Experienced with Multiple Platforms

Ntiva has experience with numerous platforms, including:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our Cloud Partners


Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services

How Does Migrating to the Cloud with Ntiva Work?

Migrating to the cloud with Ntiva is a simple process that takes the stress and burden off your business.

Once we get started, Ntiva starts by analyzing your current infrastructure and working to determine your cloud service needs. The next step is creating a strategy for your cloud migration. Once we create a plan, we can design your cloud architecture and move on to the execution of your cloud data migration.

Ntiva also supports you throughout the entire cloud migration process. We can help you deploy and test your cloud architecture to make sure everything is working properly even after you've migrated.

How Much Are Cloud Migration Services?

Cloud migration services are priced based on the size of the job, which includes the amount of data you're migrating and the number of cloud applications you're using. Depending on project size, cloud migration can cost between $5,000 and $500,000.

So, how much does data migration cost? It all depends on how much data you have to migrate and how much help you need with your migration. You can find more information about the cost of data migration by visiting our pricing page.

While outsourcing IT can seem expensive due to the upfront cost, it's important to consider the money IT saves you as well. Considering potential cost savings as a result of IT is a crucial part of weighing the pros and cons of migrating to a private cloud.

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Cloud Migration Case Study

Destra Capital needed to migrate data to the cloud to accommodate a smaller office space where the business was moving. Ntiva came up with a solution that involved using a basic computer setup to access cloud services. Managed cloud IT services offered better security and made it easier to collaborate on, secure, and back up data.

Read the full case study here.

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