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Affordable cyber security for today’s at-risk organizations


Is your business adequately protected from today’s cyber threats?

The average business does not have the resources to effectively combat cyber threats and attacks. And hiring your own security team to manage all of this is way out of reach for all but the largest organizations.

Discover Managed Security Services, the most cost-effective way to get access to a suite of cyber security solutions that are completely managed for you by a specialized team, around the clock..

For a fixed monthly fee, we provide advanced solutions that can protect your business from unrelenting attacks, providing pro-active protection as opposed to reacting AFTER the worst has occurred. 

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Cyber security becomes more complex, more expensive and more frustrating year after year.

The threat landscape is changing too fast, data management and privacy compliance demands are onerous, and business risks are higher than ever.

Even though we hear a lot about high profile data breaches at large, brand-name companies, the truth is small and mid-sized businesses are at greater risk.

Why? Because they are easier to penetrate due to lack of planning and in-house expertise.

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At Ntiva, we know our clients are getting squeezed by ever-increasing security requirements with little room in their budgets to accommodate new technologies, and so we’ve developed a set of security solutions designed to help their predicament.

David Rossell, Ph.D, CISSP,

David Rossell

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Ntiva Managed Cyber Security Services


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Passwords alone no longer offer adequate protection. Reduce password risk by verifying employees with managed MFA.



Most security incidents start with a phishing email. Educate your users with managed anti-phishing training.



Leverage the skills of our seasoned security experts on an as-needed basis, for valuable strategy, guidance and oversight.



Take advantage of our automated software combined with 24/7 security experts, to detect network attacks in real-time and stop them before they do damage.



Let our experts scan your network on a regular basis to detect vulnerabilities, and close the loopholes before they’re exploited.



Antivirus software is no longer enough. Take advantage of our powerful AI techniques and 24/7 security experts for complete endpoint protection.

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Why Choose Ntiva for Managed Security Services?

Unlike most cyber security companies, we’re a top notch IT services provider who’s worked with small and mid-sized businesses for decades and understand your environment, risks and budgets.

We offer a set of affordable solutions completely managed by us, delivering a comprehensive cyber security program that will safeguard your data, help meet compliance requirements and give you a significant advantage over your competition.

Small organizations, fewer than 50 people and without large amounts of personally identifiable information or health information.

Organizations with 100-200 employees or that have large amounts of personally identifiable information or health information.

Organizations of 200+ employees, defense and federal contractors.



"We have little to no tolerance for down time, slowness, or interruption to our business, and Ntiva helps us to avoid problems before they happen. I genuinely feel like they have our back and have no hesitation in recommending them!"
Matt Jones
Leading Authorities
"We were very impressed with the response to our recent malware intrusion. The Ntiva staff was very responsive and acted swiftly."
Mike Mohr
Westwood Country Club
"We took the dive into moving over to a Hybrid VOIP system…Ntiva did an incredible job and provided outstanding support. Just wanted to note that if in a military environment, we would refer to that as Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!"
Robert Jake Jakubek
National Guard Association of the US
"It's a comfort knowing the Ntiva team is there to support us. I’ve always experienced quick, reliable and professional service and I know that if I have to call on Ntiva, any time night or day, it will be a pleasant experience with positive results."
Susan Taylor
Council of Chief State School Officers
"I wanted to say THANKS to the Ntiva team. Service is always rendered in the most courteous, professional manner with a smile. Every tech on-site is responsive and proactive. Thanks for being here!"
Robin Johnkins
Ankura Consulting
"We engaged Ntiva several years ago for our firm’s IT needs. Ntiva has been critical in keeping us running efficiently and the team continuously offers steadfast and reliable support, quickly handling after-hours IT issues and on-site assistance as needed. Ntiva has proved itself as a valuable partner to Verasolve’s growth and success!”
Sarah Cody
"It has been wonderful working with the Ntiva teams. The transitions have been so much smoother than anticipated, it has been a truly pleasant surprise. Everyone from Karen, Russell, & Matthew, to the phone support techs who are, as promised, answering our questions in the first call, have been amazing."
Cheryl Eccleston
Executive Healthcare Services
"I get calls from other MSPs every day, but it's not a question I'll move on. I never check a bill...I know Ntiva could have made more money by giving me exactly what I asked for, and yet they countered with a solution that worked better for my company."
Josiah Hunter
Lindsey Business Group