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Affordable cyber security for today’s at-risk organizations

Is your business adequately protected from today’s cyber threats?

Most businesses don't have the resources to effectively combat cyber threats and attacks, which are constantly changing and evolving. And hiring an in-house team to handle these security threats is out of reach for the average company!

Discover our Managed Security Services, the most cost-effective way to get access to a suite of cyber security solutions that are completely managed for you, around the clock.

Not only can we save you money, but our team has the skills, knowledge, specialized expertise and tools to do the job much more efficiently and effectively.

For a fixed monthly fee, we provide advanced solutions such as Endpoint Detection and Response, Intrusion Detection and Response and Vulnerability Scanning - all backed by experts in our 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC.) 

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Cyber security becomes more complex, more expensive and more frustrating year after year.

The threat landscape is changing too fast, data management and privacy compliance demands are onerous, and business risks are higher than ever.

Even though we hear a lot about high profile data breaches at large, brand-name companies, the truth is small and mid-sized businesses are at greater risk.

Why? Because they are easier to penetrate due to lack of planning and in-house expertise.

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At Ntiva, we know our clients are getting squeezed by ever-increasing security requirements with little room in their budgets to accommodate new technologies, and so we’ve developed a set of security solutions designed to help their predicament.

David Rossell, Ph.D., CISSP,

David Rossell

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Ntiva Managed Cyber Security Services


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Passwords alone no longer offer adequate protection. Reduce password risk by verifying employees with managed MFA.

Phishing Prevention Training

Most security incidents start with a phishing email. Educate your users with managed anti-phishing training.

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Leverage the skills of our seasoned security experts on an as-needed basis, for valuable strategy, guidance and oversight.

Intrusion Detection and Response (IDR)

Take advantage of our automated software combined with 24/7 security experts, to detect network attacks in real-time and stop them before they do damage.

Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation

Let our experts scan your network on a regular basis to detect vulnerabilities, and close the loopholes before they’re exploited.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Antivirus software is no longer enough. Take advantage of our powerful AI techniques and 24/7 security experts for complete endpoint protection.
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Why Choose Ntiva for Managed Security Services?

Unlike most cyber security companies, we’re a top notch IT services provider who’s worked with small and mid-sized businesses for decades and understand your environment, risks and budgets.

We offer a set of affordable solutions completely managed by us, delivering a comprehensive cyber security program that will safeguard your data, help meet compliance requirements and give you a significant advantage over your competition.

Small organizations, fewer than 50 people and without large amounts of personally identifiable information or health information.

Organizations with 100-200 employees or that have large amounts of personally identifiable information or health information.

Organizations of 200+ employees, defense and federal contractors.

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