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IT services and support for private healthcare

Industry regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and PCI DSS are creating constant challenges for healthcare providers. While doctor’s offices and clinics may understand how to take care of the paper-based aspects of HIPAA, the technical obligations can be confusing. There are many HIPAA compliance services out there that do nothing more than drop some templates off at the office. Not helpful! We take the time to understand best practices and provide deep expertise in implementing cost-effective IT solutions that help you stay compliant and productive.

white paper:
Cyber security checklist for Small and medium businesses

Cyber attacks are at the forefront of everyone's mind these days. Take a read through our step-by-step cyber-security guide to get a good understanding of what you need to do to protect your sensitive patient data and help you stay secure and compliant.



White Paper: Cyber Security Checklist for SMBs

Staying secure and compliant can be complex, but sometimes there are simple and inexpensive solutions to help protect you.

A great example is encyrption software that can help protect your lost or stolen devices which provide easy access to sensitive data. Read the story on how one of our healthcare clients had to learn the hard way about the importance of using available technologies to stay compliant!

See below for a case study which outlines how we helped a local healthcare clinic utilize technology to help them expand quickly and cost-effectively:


Case study:
it support for healthcare

Learn how Ntiva helped this growing healthcare practice provide secure access to patient information from all of their locations, with a flexible IT infrastructure that can quickly and cost-effectively expand as needed.



it services and support for private healthcare

Data Management

With so much digital healthcare data being created, effective data management is critical. We work with many healthcare providers to plan and implement data management solutions to serve a single location or be leveraged across a network of facilities. We can help you upgrade your existing systems or assist in choosing and implementing a completely new solution.

Data Management
Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery Services
Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery Services

Willful neglect of HIPAA and HITECH regulations can result in hefty fines. We can ensure that proper cyber security solutions are implemented and consistently updated to keep data and storage systems secure. Patient data also needs to be regularly backed up off-site to ensure regulatory compliance. Our HIPAA technology experts can ensure that you meet these requirements.

Managed IT Services

Our strategic consulting professionals can work with your team to design solutions that improve operations and system interoperability through a well thought out IT strategy. With round the clock support, we can ensure that your IT services and infrastructure is running smoothly every day, letting you focus on your day-to-day business needs while we completely manage your technology. Check us out for the most recommended Managed IT Services Washington DC and surrounding areas!

Managed IT Services


it Solutions for Private healthcare

Interested to learn more about the wide range of solutions we have for the Private Healthcare industry?

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Email Security

Microsoft Office 365 can do a lot of things, but like most platforms, it can’t do everything! Organizations that need to comply with strict security mandates will need extra protection. Learn more about the options that are available to keep you in compliance.

 A laptop with a lock symbol on the screen representing IP Protection

IP Protection

Many legal, financial and technical institutions depend on protecting their intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and more. We can introduce you to email encryption and archiving options that can help protect your valuable IP.

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Regulatory Compliance

For businesses who are subject to regulatory compliance, securing digital communications has an added level of complexity. We can assist with technical requirements and the practical policies that will help you get in compliance and stay in compliance.

Data Back-Up and Recovery

Data Back-Up and Recovery

75% of the workforce is mobile, malware attacks happen every second, and half of business data lives outside the data center. There are a lot of choices out there, so let us help you choose the best data backup option!