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IT Services and Support for Nonprofits and Associations

The nonprofit sector tends to operate on tight budgets, making the cost of up-to-date technology look prohibitive. 

But the effective use of technology can improve efficiency, increase mission impact and enhance sector competitiveness.

Nonprofit organizations are often so focused on their mission they neglect to take a step back to understand how technology can vastly assist them in competing for funding, for staff and for volunteers.

Our technology consultants have years of experience with hundreds of nonprofits and associations.  Our objective is to become your strategic partner to assist with ongoing managed IT services and support, including:

  • IT Assessments & Remediation
  • Cybersecurity & Data Protection
  • Cloud Migration
  • Network Management & Monitoring
  • Remote Service Desk + Onsite Support
  • Product Selection (Hardware & Software)
  • IT Strategy (Virtual CIO)

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IT Services For NonProfits and Associations

Proactive IT Services For Less

It's easy to get stuck in the rut of maintaining old systems, without realizing that new technology can improve efficiency AND reduce costs. Even if you have a small in-house IT team, it's likely they are over-burdened with day-to-day operations, and seldom have the time to step back and do a proper audit, let alone a strategic plan. You might be surprised to learn that outsourcing your IT is typically far less expensive than paying for additional IT headcount!

Cybersecurity & Data Protection

Cybersecurity should be the number one priority for every single business, nonprofit or not. You've seen the statistics and read the news - it's not a matter of if you will be hit, it's a matter of when. Are you prepared? Do you have up-to-date protection in place, the proper backup and recovery systems in the cloud and a true business continuity plan? Not investing in cybersecurity protection can be a recipe for both financial and a PR disaster.


There's no question that cloud-based solutions have helped drive huge improvements in business productivity. From easy access to reliability, security, flexibility and often lower costs, the cloud can offer many benefits to non-profits. The trick is determining which cloud solutions are right for you, and when and how you should migrate from legacy systems. Taking advantage of our cloud consultants can help you determine the best path for your organization!

EBook: Balancing Act! Keeping Your Data Safe Yet Accessible

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Learn How We Helped This Nonprofit Cut Their IT Costs in Half

A large nonprofit organization with an existing in-house IT team had been maintaining the same system for years.

It wasn't until a new CFO was hired and took a look at how much was being spent on an outdated and very expensive infrastructure that the board learned how out of whack their IT spend had become.

Ntiva was called in to do a technology audit to see what could be done to lower costs and improve productivity.

Although the existing systems were doing the job, they were overly complex and consisted of layers and layers of old technology that were expensive to maintain - and hard for employees to use.

The recommendation was to replace the legacy system with a new cloud-based solution that offered new features while  significantly reducing costs.

Read the full case study here.

Managed IT Services
Nonprofits & Associations

Founded in 2004, Ntiva has grown to service more than 1000 clients from many different industries. We know how difficult it is for businesses to keep up with fast changing technology, not to mention escalating cyber threats.

Over the years we’ve listened to our client’s needs and have specialized in helping them use technology to grow their organizations and take advantage of industry-specific technology.

This includes helping nonprofits and associations determine the right IT strategy, choose the best technology solutions for their needs. and protect their valuable data with ongoing IT services and support. 



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