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IT services and support for nonprofits

One of the most important elements of working with nonprofits and associations is understanding their mission and their business model. We understand that IT services that might be suitable for a commercial institution may be completely unsuitable for a nonprofit who has a tight budget and very different requirements! 

Nonprofit it support Best Practices

Balancing Data Access, Security and Costs


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White Paper: Nonprofit Best Practices

We know that it's a huge challenge for a nonprofit to compete with the commercial sector when it comes to hiring top IT talent, especially in the Washington DC metro area.

All nonprofits are typically looking for ways to reduce their overhead so that more funds can benefit their mission directly. Often it just doesn’t make economic sense to have specialized personnel on staff that are performing functions that can be outsourced at a lower cost.

But it does make sense to ensure you have full access to the IT experts that can lay down the right strategy for your organization.

Take a look at our ebook "The New Imperative for Nonprofits" below to learn how to do more with less:

Ebook: The New Imperative for Nonprofits



Are you under pressure to ensure the largest part of your donations goes towards programs, not to overhead? In the past, IT was considered to be in the overhead category - but not anymore. Read why technology is critical to accelerating the impact your nonprofit can make, and what the right strategy can bring to your organization.



Ntiva has worked with countless nonprofits and associations to help manage some of their biggest IT challenges.

Managed IT Services

Reap the benefits of proactive managed IT services, including management of desktops, laptops and servers, a local service desk staffed with experienced technicians, remote management and monitoring of your network and onsite maintenance as required. You also gain access to our technology experts for strategic consultation, budgets and planning.

Day-to-Day Managed IT Services
Data Management Solution

Data Management Solutions

We often work with nonprofits to evaluate their current systems and provide strategic recommendations. Our team can help you select and implement new databases, or work with your existing data systems, showing you how to use them to full potential with imports, exports, integrations and improving data collection and reporting.

Data Protection and Cyber Security

There is nothing more important to a nonprofit or association than their member database. These critical lists contain details about high-profile and wealthy individuals and companies who are particularly protective of their privacy, and compromising these lists can be disastrous. There are many cost-effective cyber security solutions that can help protect your organization.

Data Protection and Cybersecurity
Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud

We’ve been at the forefront in helping nonprofits evaluate and implement the best cloud services, from email migration to cloud-based document management, server hosting, backup and disaster recovery, and more. Contact us to find out how the cloud can benefit your organization.

IT services and Solutions for Nonprofits

Want to learn more about the wide range of solutions we have for the nonprofit sector?

A hardisk spinning in front of a cloud representing Data Back-up and Recovery

Data Back-up and Recovery

75% of the workforce is mobile, malware attacks happen every second, and half of business data lives outside the data center. There are a lot of choices out there, so let us help you choose the best data backup option!

 A computer monitor with the Microsoft Office 365 logo on the screen

Office 365

Every week we migrate clients from old email systems to Office 365. We've seen all the snags before and can keep your project on-track, as well as offering discounts for qualified organizations.

A cloud above a computer representing Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization can provide trouble-free yet secure access from almost any device, ensuring consistency and reliability. This not only reduces management overhead, but significantly enhances data security.

A magnifying glass representing Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

In many businesses, smartphones have now overtaken PCs as the primary means for accessing important company data. We can show you how set up strong security measures for all your employees' devices.