What to Expect When Working With Ntiva!

If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably considering taking advantage of a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) to assist you with your business’s technology needs. Great! But, before you dive in, let’s start with the three most common reasons our clients come to us for managed IT services.

Do any of these resonate with you and your team?

1You’re looking for new ways to take advantage of technology to run your business more efficiently and are looking for strategic IT support – not just “break-fix.”

2You feel like you are outgrowing your current IT support capacity, whether it’s your small in-house team who needs help, or an existing MSP that is letting you down.

3You have a sneaking suspicion you are not keeping up with the security practices you need, and you are not 100% sure your data protection is in the best, most experienced hands.

We all know change can be difficult, and the idea of choosing a new managed IT services provider can be daunting. But change comes to all of us, and to every business. We’ve put together this guide to answer any questions you might have about Ntiva and to help make your decision-making process an easier one.

Ready to learn more about us? Let’s get started!

Chapter 1: Are We a Great Fit to Work Together?

After more than 15 years as a fast-growing MSP supporting small and midsized businesses with forward-thinking IT solutions, we’ve got a pretty good idea of the types of organizations we work best with—and where we can provide the most value to our clients.

What do our most successful clients have in common?

Successful clients
  • You are a growth-oriented organization that understands the value that technology brings to your business’s overall success.

  • You are looking for an IT partnership with a company with a deep understanding of your community, but with the resources and expertise of a nationwide organization.

  • You have adopted a “security-first” approach to IT solutions and planning and cultivate an in-house mindset that prioritizes investment in—and adherence to—recommended cybersecurity practices.

  • You strategically invest in the right technology solutions for your business and have a dedicated in-house person available to interact with an Ntiva account manager and support team.

What Makes Ntiva Different?

From our local roots and strategic vision to our talented team members and commitment to social impact, we’re not your typical MSP.



A nationwide presence with the depth and breadth of expertise you need, delivered with personal, localized service from trusted advisors in your community.



A strategic partnership to help you get the most out of your technology, bringing solutions that drive growth and reduce risk while focusing on the user experience.



A talented world class team with a growth mindset, providing specialized roles and continuing education to drive exceptional results.



A conscious investment in our communities, creating meaningful career opportunities and supporting local organizations.


Listen to Kevin Doyle, General Manager, Midwest, weigh in on Ntiva’s greatest strengths!


Chapter 2: An IT Services Company Built on Trust

At the age of 14, our founder and CEO Steven Freidkin was mistaken for a computer store employee—and decided to offer his assistance. Steven’s passion for helping people use technology to make their lives easier and their businesses grow soon blossomed into a small but thriving IT services business.

In 2004, Steven officially founded Ntiva, where over the next decade the company grew solely through word-of-mouth and referrals—a testament to the exceptional service we deliver. By 2015, Ntiva was firmly ranked in the top 500 MSPs in the U.S.

Fast-forward to today and Ntiva now ranks in the top 30 MSPs. We support thousands of clients across the U.S. based on our integrity, trust and our first-rate ability to help businesses grow with the efficient use of technology.

"Trust was a foundational element for the early growth of Ntiva."


Steven Freidkin, CEO, Ntiva

– Steven Freidkin, Founder & CEO, Ntiva


Building Ntiva – The Timeline!

Ntiva Timeline 2023 (002)-1(Click to view larger image.)

We Deliver More Than Technology

No one will claim an MSP’s technology expertise is unimportant. However, in a service business, the client experience is key to success.

Ntiva knows the biggest issue with MSPs isn’t the way they treat computers and servers. It’s how they treat humans. There is nothing worse than vendors trying to cover mistakes, claim ignorance, or maintain it wasn’t their responsibility.

Steven learned early that acknowledging an error and fixing it quickly was essential to client satisfaction. It's a lesson he carries to this day and has instilled throughout the company, creating systems to share knowledge quickly, so errors are not repeated.

Building in trust from the ground up is the key to our many long-term relationships, and the most effective way to move clients forward.

Josiah Hunter of Lindsey Business Group remembers the moment he decided to work with Ntiva:

"That was the first interaction I ever had with Ntiva. And from that point on, I trusted them," said Josiah. "I get calls from other MSPs every day, but it’s not a question I’ll move on. I never check a bill. I know Ntiva could have made more money by giving me exactly what I asked for, and yet they countered with a solution that worked better for my company."

Josiah Hunter

– Josiah Hunter, COO/CFO, Lindsey Business Group

Chapter 3: How Ntiva Supports Your Business & Technical Goals

How Ntiva Supports Your GoalsNtiva aims to be a growth catalyst for our clients by designing the right technology solutions that support their unique business requirements and long-term goals.

We do not stick with a “one-size fits all” solution, since each client organization is unique, with unique needs and expectations.

We’ve built a team of world-class people who genuinely care about the relationships we build, and who understand that response and precision are fundamental keys to a successful partnership.

Let’s take a look at some of the key roles here at Ntiva that would be part of your support team.



Listen to Michelle Brockney describe Ntiva’s operational structure.


Introducing Your Ntiva Support Team

One of the unique processes we have in place is assigning dedicated resources to each customer. This lets our people truly get to know the customer and their business, allowing trusted relationships to be built on both sides.

We’ve found this makes a huge difference in the quality of service each customer receives and enables us to become an extension of the business.

With Ntiva, you will be provided with a support team to oversee all IT services in your organization. To ensure we can provide the highest level of support, Ntiva performs strict background checks on all employees we hire.

The following specialized teams are strategically assigned to align with your specific organization and technical needs:

Account Management Team

Account Management Team

Each client will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager (AM). Your AM will provide overall account management, and is your primary point of contact to address any questions about any aspect of your service or relationship with Ntiva (e.g., escalate an issue, discuss upcoming needs or challenges, ask any questions, or discuss any support service changes). The AM has regularly scheduled meetings with you to review service requests, monitor resolutions and ensure ongoing client satisfaction.

24/7 Remote Service Desk

24/7 Remote Service Desk

Ntiva’s 24/7 Remote Service Desk team will provide fast issue resolution, offering unlimited calls—with unlimited durations—for all your employees. If we encounter an incident or problem that cannot be resolved by the Remote Service Desk and requires either an on-site dispatch or a System Engineer, the Service Desk manager will escalate to Ntiva’s Field Operations team for a dispatch.

On-Site Field Operations

On-Site Field Operations

On-site IT services will be provided as necessary for issues and projects that cannot be completed remotely. Where required, Ntiva can include a pre-scheduled Field Operations technical resource to provide technical support on a recurring basis at your physical office locations.

Professional Services

Professional Services Team

Ntiva maintains a dedicated Professional Services team to handle all projects outside of your Signature Support Plan. Ntiva defines “projects” as any major tasks that require more than eight (8) hours to complete (e.g., server migration, email migration or major computer equipment refresh). Replacing or installing one or two computers would not constitute a project and would typically be conducted via a System Administrator utilizing service agreement hours.


Cybersecurity Team

Ntiva provides security solutions to our clients that range from individual products and services that can be “bolted on” to an existing security program, all the way to a comprehensive suite of security products and services designed to serve as a fully managed security program. Clients can add services such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Intrusion Detection and Response (IDR), Phishing Prevention and Training, Vulnerability Scanning, Virtual CISO and Virtual Assessor support, as well as comprehensive CMMC gap assessment and Policy Authoring services.

Advanced Consulting Team

Advanced Consulting Team

This team specializes in providing executive level guidance for Information Technology (IT), advising the client on technology, infrastructure, management, and productivity as they relate to their IT capabilities. As an example, our vCIO team can help with the client’s long-term vision and strategy, and even serve as an extension of the client’s organization.

Digital Transformation Team

Digital Transformation Team

The Digital Transformation Team is a group of experts that assess processes/workflows and works to understand current issues/pain points for how businesses generate, process or store information. This team will work to improve or implement new systems/workflows that will positively change how businesses interact with their clients, store their client data, handle their client data workflows, etc. A good example is implementing off-the-shelf software or developing a custom application or automated workflow.

Unified Communications Team

Unified Communications Team

This team provides expertly managed cloud-based voice services through simple and easy to use voice systems that integrate with other day-to-day communication applications. For example, Microsoft 365 Business Voice is one of our most popular communication and collaboration offerings, although we offer many other solutions as well to suit the needs of our clients.

Apple Technology Team

Apple Technology Team

Almost all MSPs have the tools and expertise to support Microsoft environments. But not all MSPs have the expertise and tools to properly support Apple/Mac environments! Ntiva has a dedicated group of Apple specialists  with over 20-years of Apple-focused experience. When our clients embrace the Apple ecosystem, we provide them with Apple-native tools, workflows, and expertise to deliver the best experience possible, unlike other providers who may focus on Windows environments only.

Chapter 4: Getting Started—The Ntiva Onboarding Process

Onboarding ProcessAt Ntiva, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent customer experience from day one. To achieve this across a broad spectrum of industry verticals, we’ve developed a robust onboarding process.

The key goal of this process is to collect all vital technical information as well as institutional knowledge as efficiently as possible, to ensure delivery of the best experience moving forward.

This process typically takes 45-60 days from start to finish, to get you set up and prepared for long-term success with our services. Note that this timeframe depends on many factors, so could be much shorter depending on your needs.

Before onboarding begins, you can expect to receive a welcome packet that includes a summary of the onboarding checklist and a short questionnaire. Providing us the requested information in advance helps to aid in a timely transition and successful ramp-up!

The onboarding process consists of four phases:

  1. ASSESS and SCOPE: Discovery of your infrastructure
  2. PLAN and DOCUMENT: On-site data collection
  3. SHARE and REVIEW: Internal information review
  4. IMPLEMENT and GO LIVE: Orientation meeting and service handoff

Ntiva Onboarding Process

Onboarding is performed by the specialized Ntiva Onboarding team, including a dedicated Project Manager and Onboarding Engineer. Timelines vary, but typically fall into the 45-to-60-day range.

Listen to Joanna Hudson, General Manager, Mid-Atlantic, detail the Ntiva onboarding process.


The entire onboarding process is handled as a separate project with assigned resources from beginning to end – details of each stage are documented below.

Assess: Defining the Scope of Service

Assess: Defining the Scope of Service

At the beginning of any onboarding, the definition of services is a crucial part of the entire process. Understanding the scope of your infrastructure and getting access to it will be a collaborative process with you, your internal IT team and/or previous MSP.

This process helps us understand your infrastructure in depth and gives us access to your critical systems, so we can see how the systems work together.

This phase of the onboarding is where we need the most input from you and your team.

Plan and Document: Data Collection

Plan and Document: Data Collection

Once your assessment is completed and we have the access to all the critical systems, the data collection process begins.

It typically starts remotely, with a dedicated Ntiva technician documenting your infrastructure and critical applications—and how they work together. They will also document any policies or procedures you have established that we need to enforce.

All client documentation is securely housed in a document management system that allows us to store data in a predefined format meant to ensure consistency in service delivery.

Here is a short summary of what you can expect from this data collection process: 

  • Site survey and documentation
  • Network investigation
  • Backup verification
  • Server room inspections
  • Policy documentation (existing)
  • Hardware and software categorized, logged and warranty information collected
  • Agents installed on appropriate devices for monitoring purposes

Once the documentation is completed, all data is documented, uploaded and sent to the Ntiva support team for review and planning.

This data is available to the client upon request, but please know that any critical concerns found during this process will be communicated to you, the client, immediately.

Share: Internal Information Review

Share: Internal Information Review

The primary function of this phase is to ensure your IT environment is meeting your needs—and you have the right technology in place to help your business to grow.

This review process helps us develop a good understanding of your technology environment from the beginning and ensures continuity in knowledge as your IT structure grows and changes. 

For example, this process could include:

  • Reviewing possible changes/updates to your backup and recovery plans, which are a critical component of any business in today’s world.
  • Reviewing any configurations that are not engineered according to best practice.

Once the data is reviewed and verified, it is handed off to your Account Manager to review with you and address.

Implement and Go Live: Orientation Meeting and Service Handoff

Implement and Go Live: Orientation Meeting and Service Handoff

This is where the onboarding process ends, and the service delivery begins.

At this point, you will be able to start accessing the 24/7 Service Desk. The Ntiva team will meet with you to show you how to contact support and answer any questions you have.

Your Account Manager will also meet with you to discuss all findings and recommendations. It is critical that there is client agreement on all findings, and an understanding of all recommendations made for additional changes. These recommendations will be prioritized at the client’s discretion and tailored as needed.

Any recurring on-site visits are scheduled along with setting the cadence for recurring meetings and strategy sessions between you and your Account Manager.

All newly onboarded clients receive an implementation survey at the end of the onboarding cycle, which is reviewed by our leadership team. We appreciate honest feedback and use it to for continued improvement and growth.


Chapter 5: The Ntiva Signature Support Plans

The majority of our clients start out with one of our Signature Support Plans – SSP Complete or SSP Compliance. Their plan is then customized as required, because every single business has different needs, requirements and budgets!

Ntiva Signature Support Plan – Complete

ITIL Based Service Delivery

Our Signature Support plan is designed to align with your business objectives and be scalable as you grow. Our continually developing service delivery model is based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework to align well-functioning IT processes with business objectives.

Additionally, Ntiva develops and maintains an IT Knowledge Base documenting systems, applications, and services following the ITIL processes.

 Proactive Network Monitoring

Proactive monitoring alerts us to trends and issues that affect your network and/or working environment. We install our remote monitoring software on all your devices under our Signature Support program.

Ntiva delivers proactive 24/7 network monitoring service, both on-premises at your site and in the cloud, to maintain the reliability, security and performance of your network. To spot operational issues early and gain actionable insight, Ntiva utilizes our Advanced Monitoring and Management agents to monitors all servers, virtualization technologies and compatible storage devices. Compilation and analysis of network performance data provides a picture of network performance and user experience, as well as a tool for measuring the overall effectiveness of network management tools.

 Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is an important key to the health of your IT environment. We will develop a custom roadmap that will include a thorough maintenance check, live updates on the latest software upgrades and patches, threat analysis and more. The goal of this service component is to focus on long- term vitality to prevent short-term breakdowns.

 Workstation Maintenance (PCs and Macs)

Ntiva provides end-to-end monitoring, management, and proactive maintenance for these critical end-user devices. We automate maintenance routines to keep computers running as optimally as possible. With remote support, we can quickly connect into any device and remediate critical and non-critical issues. It’s extremely cost-effective and for larger clients, allows custom scripting for multi-location or even global rollouts.

 Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Ntiva has the tools and technical expertise to manage antivirus protection centrally. Ntiva’s MDR is a dependable and scalable solution that improves our customers’ cybersecurity posture by preventing malware or suspicious activity on computers and servers and alerting our 24/7 security response team. Additional information on the Ntiva Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service can be found in Appendix D, Section D.2.

 Cloud-Based E-Learning Training-as-a-Service (TaaS)

With Ntiva, all clients and their end-users will be enrolled in our Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution, powered by ClipTraining. ClipTraining is an online e-learning platform that provides users with access to training videos with over 5,000 task-based learning sessions across a variety of Microsoft Office 365 applications. The web-based interface is fully customizable through an administration page, so organizations can create specific learning paths for their users or hide training materials that are unneeded.

Our TaaS solution was designed with full-text indexed search capabilities so users can quickly access the training videos they need from any device. Learning sessions are divided into short, task-based videos that cover all aspects of Microsoft 365 products. Empowering users with this new self-service learning model is the least obtrusive way to impart knowledge continually, while maintaining productivity at the same time.

 Software and Hardware Standardization

One of the best ways to reduce support costs and avoid waste is to standardize an organization's hardware and software platforms. Ntiva works with our clients to standardize their network environment—while maximizing the return on their technology investments. Our standardization includes centralizing software licensing tracking, new client onboarding and off-boarding staff procedures, as well as removing users from the network environment.

 Email Security Service

Ntiva’s Email Security Service (powered by Zix Email Threat Protection) is a fully managed email protection service that helps prevent malware, ransomware, and other advanced threats from compromising your organization’s email service. The service provides inbound and outbound email protection along with daily held email reports.

 Procurement Service

Serving over a thousand companies allows Ntiva the opportunity to pool buying power for both hardware and software. This gives Ntiva significant bulk purchasing power—savings that Ntiva passes on to clients. We also participate in manufacturers' special pricing programs for nonprofit organizations.

Third-Party Vendor Management

As part of Ntiva’s ongoing support services, we coordinate and manage third-party vendors related to the support and management of IT infrastructure, freeing our customers to focus on their core business.

Examples of vendors we interface with on behalf of the customer include (but not limited to) ISP, software vendors, printer and phone vendors, etc. Ntiva will maintain and update vendor contact information and vendor escalations processes as part of the third-party support. So that we can properly manage the relationships, we recommend that our customers maintain a support agreement with their third-party vendors (as applicable).

 Support Multiple Vendor Products

Ntiva supports all the hardware and software in our client’s network environment. Our support includes but is not limited to Windows computers, servers, firewalls, switches, printers, Macs, mobile devices. Clients should retain a maintenance agreement with third-party software vendors to ensure access to updates that vendors support services.

 Client-Facing Reports

Ntiva provides our clients with a variety of communication avenues. Each client has a client portal that contains detailed information on every service request opened for or by the client. The portal information includes who opened the service request, who worked on it and the engineering notes detailing the resolution. The client portal also contains the client’s invoices.

In addition, the assigned Account Manager performs regular phone reviews with the client's designated point-of-contact. In these reviews, all client service requests since the last review are analyzed to spot trends, areas of concern, or ways we can improve service, network reliability or user satisfaction.

 Recurring Strategy Sessions

A session with an IT Consultant or Lead Engineer will occur at an agreed-upon interval to align technology initiatives with organizational goals. This role will also be responsible for developing an IT budget, setting equipment standards, and ensuring that technology is being used to drive the organization forward.

 Routine Assessments

Ntiva systems are routinely assessed by our Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs) to ensure adherence to industry best practices. These include, but are not limited to, ongoing Systems Security Planning, Cybersecurity Risk Assessments, Security Incident Response Planning, Business Continuity planning, Corporate IT User Policies.

 Robust Reporting

Our online customer portal provides easy-to-read access for up-to-the-minute information on your system. The portal provides a customizable dashboard with statistics on Service Desk trouble tickets and network vitals. These reports will be a great help to Ntiva clients for budgeting and resource management.

Additional Cybersecurity Services

Below is a short list of additional cybersecurity services we offer. We recommend you discuss your needs and concerns with your Ntiva representative, so we can provide a comprehensive plan that is right for you and your business.

  • Intrusion Detection and Response (IDR) – SIEM/SOC 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) 
  • Phishing Prevention and Training 
  • Vulnerability Scanning 
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Email Encryption
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Annual Disaster Recovery Failover Testing
  • Annual Risk Assessment
  • IT User Policy
  • Security Incident Response Plan
  • Cloud to Cloud (SaaS) Backup and Recovery
  • Fractional CISO

Chapter 6: Ntiva Customer Success Stories


Read the Non-profit Case StudyNonprofit Organization’s IT Director Manages Diverse Technology Environment with Diverse Needs and Priorities

What does a Director of IT for a large nonprofit, who manages three distinct business units that work with very different end user tools, look for in a partner Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

Andy Lomasky, the Director of IT at the Association of Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), knew he needed to find a partner he could trust, with deep technical expertise in both Apple and Windows environments.

Most providers Andy had worked with in the past did not have the true expertise nor the tools to properly manage Apple infrastructure, which meant Andy was often stuck trying to manage and mediate between two different service providers.

Andy’s goal was to find a trusted partner who not only had the required cross-platform expertise, but also met the needs and expectations of PMMI.

"I don’t want to be in the business of server administration or patching or help desk. Those are perfect targets to be outsourced so that we can stay focused on what differentiates us as a business."

Andy Lomasky

– Andy Lomasky, Director of IT, PMMI

Andy appreciates the close communication and open partnership between PMMI and Ntiva, as well as the Ntiva team’s willingness to explore forward-thinking and innovative solutions to complex IT issues— which is a valuable component of the MSP relationship.

Ultimately, Andy’s own team has been freed by Ntiva, letting them focus on the strategic projects that differentiate PMMI—and allowing them to better service both their staff and their constituency.

Read the full Nonprofit Case Study here.


Read the Architecture Case StudyFast-Growing Architecture and Design Firm Finds True Strategic Partnership

Streetsense, an architecture and design firm located in Bethesda, MD with a small internal IT team, was struggling to support the technology needs of the fast-growing, diverse company.

The complex nature of the business, coupled with rapid growth, was making it difficult for the team to keep up, let alone come up with long term strategic planning.

That’s when Streetsense started their search for a Managed IT Services Provider and quickly decided that Ntiva was the right partner to take over both tactical and strategic needs, which included our Virtual CIO (vCIO) services.

"Every single company today is completely reliant on technology for growth and success. Companies who are technology enabled have a distinct competitive advantage."

Ira Starr

– Ira Starr, Chief Administrative Officer, Streetsense

The first item on the agenda was to figure out how to quickly expand the company’s IT network and infrastructure into all their new locations, in the most cost-effective manner possible. Because of the high volume and complexity of data storage and processing needs, building out a solution could get very costly if not properly planned out.

Ntiva proposed and implemented a custom cloud storage and retrieval solution that offered tiered access to different types of data. Massive files and programs that need to be accessed for live changes required fast speeds, but less active and archived data could be accessed at lower speeds, saving dramatically on overall costs.

Streetsense quickly realized that one of the most important functions to help grow the business was strategic IT planning. Ultimately, they outsourced 100% of their IT needs to Ntiva, handing over routine tasks such as network monitoring and management, help desk, application support and more.

Read the full Architecture Firm Case Study here.


Read the Construction Case StudyPrivately-Held MD Construction Company Obtains CMMC Success With Ntiva

Kimball Construction is a Baltimore, MD based construction company that offers new construction, building renovations and additions for industrial, commercial, institutional and government entities.

When the U.S. DoD released the much-anticipated Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program on January 31, 2020, Kimball Construction’s president, Lewis Kimball, knew his company would need to complete the certification to continue servicing and selling to federal government customers.

Steve Burkett, Kimball’s IT Director, was tasked with solving this challenge. Steve is the sole IT resource at Kimball, supporting roughly 45 employees between the office and field, not including laborers and contractors.

After investigating CMMC requirements—not just the process of getting certified but the need to maintain ongoing compliance—Steve realized immediately he would need to work with a third party, as they were basically starting from scratch.

"It’s very hard, if not impossible, for a company with a small team to meet the ongoing requirements of CMMC compliance without using a third party who have the specialized tools, knowledge and systems."

– Steve Burkett, IT Director, Kimball Construction

After interviewing a variety of MSPs and cybersecurity consultants, Steve made the decision to partner with Ntiva based on several factors, including a fast response time and the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the proposal.

Ntiva’s security and CMMC team had the expertise, experience and track record in cybersecurity—and more importantly, CMMC—that made the Kimball team feel comfortable with the decision.

In addition to working toward CMMC certification, Kimball will also be utilizing Ntiva’s expertise and security solutions on a monthly recurring basis, to ensure they remain compliant.

Read the full Government Contractor Case Study here.


Read the Finance Case StudyInvestment Firm’s Move to Chicago Inspired Another Move: To the Cloud!

Going fully cloud-based was not Destra Capital’s first plan.

But when the investment firm made the move to new offices in Chicago, it made James Yount, Destra’s President and Senior Managing Director, rethink the company’s IT support model and technology strategy, especially when it came to finding a solution that would offer increased protection against cyber threats.

Destra Capital has specific regulatory compliance requirements from the SEC and FINRA to keep data safe, to manage continuous backups, and a specific protocol for QuickBooks. The latter must be accessed from several different people at different locations at different times.

Yount was looking for a seamless experience for all staff, remote and in office, who needed to utilize QuickBooks and other cloud applications.

"We wanted to move to a managed service provider (MSP) that could handle all our services from an IT standpoint. As security and compliance are critical items for a financial services company, we decided outsourcing would be our best option to get the expertise we needed."

– James Yount, President and Senior Managing Director, Destra Capital

Ntiva moved quickly to come up with the right solution: Move to a fully hosted cloud solution using thin client technology, dumb terminals with a monitor, mouse, and a small box that Yount describes as “the size of two glass cases with a couple ports on the back.”

Now, Destra Capital’s entire network—data, email and applications—are accessed in the cloud via an internet connection. The collaborative experience of Microsoft Teams has been a significant plus as well.

"We are not going to look for a different solution—this is a permanent solution for us,” says James. “It’s easy to not have the servers anymore and have Ntiva monitor our systems and manage backup.”

Those backup services include disaster recovery, which can literally save your business. Backup and disaster recovery can be a massive source of stress for any business owner. Ntiva’s off-site data storage ensures that, even in the event of a natural disaster, your data will never be lost.

Read the full Investment Company Case Study here.

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