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Ben Greiner

Ben Greiner
Ben is Ntiva's Director of Apple Technology, originally the founder of Forget Computers, an award-winning Apple-focused technology consulting company that is now part of the Ntiva family.
The Ntiva Guide to macOS Security Standards

For a very long time, conventional wisdom has held that Macs are much less vulnerable to cyberattacks than PCs.

This is no longer the case, and many organizations that...

How to Set Up Zero-Touch Deployment for Apple Devices

Apple’s Zero-Touch Deployment feels counterintuitive at first. Once you've set it up, you naturally want to do something else. You want to click a box, or make a request, or...

The Top Benefits of Apple Device Supervision

If your organization owns a fleet of Apple devices, you need a safe and efficient way to manage those devices, with a tool for updating software and device settings,...

The Upgrade Process to MacOS Monterey
About 90 days after Apple released macOS 12 Monterey on October 25, 2021, organizations began running into problems with Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and other issues. At the...
Expert Tips on How to Use Managed Apple IDs for Business
Apple IDs started with personal Apple products but are now an integral part of many business IT environments. First in education, and now in business, organizations are...
Six Ways to Boost Your Mac Security
The common wisdom in IT circles is that Mac computers are more secure than Windows computers. The macOS, after all, is built on Unix, which is harder to exploit than Windows.
Why Mac Users Need to Break Up with Microsoft AD

Your new hire is overwhelmed on day one by all the accounts and passwords you’ve thrown at them. Even your veteran team members restart their Macs so infrequently that they...

Top 10 New Apple Device Features Coming in 2021 We Think You'll Love!

At its Worldwide Developer Conference keynote on June 7th, Apple shared details about what we can expect to see later this year in macOS 12 MontereyiOS 15iPadOS 15...

Upgrading To macOS 11 Big Sur - Things To Consider!

We’re cautious when it comes to recommending upgrades to new versions of macOS. While Apple makes the upgrade process easy (albeit time-consuming), upgrading can create...

Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Why Your Business Needs It!

The security landscape has changed — for both Windows and Apple environments. Not a day goes by without yet another news headline announcing a severe cybersecurity attack. 

We Recommend You Delay Upgrading to macOS 10.15 Catalina

Apple released macOS 10.15 Catalina on October 7, 2019, and like all major operating system releases, Apple has been talking it up since it was introduced at the company’s...

Macs Switching from Intel Chips to Apple Silicon

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, the company dropped a bombshell. In the future Macs will no longer be powered by Intel chips but will instead rely on...

Office 365: Using MFA with 3rd party email clients
If the email client you're using isn't made by Microsoft, your Office 365 password may not work.

How to Fix Audio Issues in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the go-to software for chat, conferencing and team collaboration. But audio issues that pop up during a meeting — you can't hear your team members,...

Set up Mobile Device Management for Office 365

Because more people are using mobile devices to get their work done, it's important to make sure your organization's data on these devices is secure. Our Apple Toolkit...

How to Prepare & Perform a Mac Migration

When it's time to move your content to a new Mac, Apple provides Migration Assistant to get the job done. Migration Assistant can migrate data from a Mac, Time Machine...

Still Using PostScript Type 1 Fonts? Really?

Are you still using postscript type 1 fonts?

We originally posted this article in 2011 and it's even more relevant today (in 2018)!

2021 UPDATE: Adobe is Ending Support for...

Updating Mac Keychain After a Password Change

Do you need to update your Apple Mac keychain after a password change? Here's how!

Office 365 Password Expired?

To help protect your Office 365 account from the dastardly deeds of cyber criminals, it's good practice to periodically change your password — and use a secure (long) password

Can't Delete Email from iPad or iPhone?

Are you having trouble deleting email from your Apple iPad or iPhone? Here's a quick fix if you're getting an error message every time you try! 

Best Practices for Creating Apple IDs

An Apple ID is a user name used to shop the iTunes Store, log in to iCloud, buy from the Apple Online Store, and more. An Apple ID is also essential to managing apps on an...