What Are Managed IT Services and How Much Do They Cost?

By Corey Shields | March 5, 2019
Corey is the Digital Marketing Manager at Ntiva, and brings with him over a decade of working in the information technology and services industry.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an IT services company that assumes complete responsibility for the proactive support of a businesses IT environment. From small printer hiccups to major, enterprise-level IT planning and execution, leading managed IT services providers offer round the clock service and support, typically for a fixed monthly fee.

With an IT service company, your servers, networking equipment, and all the hardware that connects to your network (computers, phones, etc.) are managed by a professional team.

They handle all your software and hardware updates and all proactive maintenance, while also providing 24/7 customer support for any day-to-day IT troubles. Your service provider keeps the digital side of your business running smoothly, not to mention protected from today's escalating cyber security threats.

IT service providers have recently grown in popularity with businesses of all sizes due to their cost effectiveness and efficiency. Let’s find out what a great MSP can do for you!

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What Do IT Services Companies Provide?

If you've googled "managed IT services near me" lately, you'll see tons of options. Technology is always evolving, and most businesses find it challenging to adapt to cutting edge technologies such as cloud computing, cyber security, and VoIP telephony, while also reducing their costs and remaining within their budget.

Quality IT consulting can show you where you can save money with your current network and provide you with cost-efficient ways to improve IT speeds, quality, and security without hurting your bottom line.

IT service providers can scale your organization’s network in a manner that was extremely difficult and expensive to perform in the past. What used to require massive amounts of power and space has been reduced exponentially, due to virtualization and cloud IT services.

Cloud computing services provide you with access to your data from anywhere in the world, and save you thousands in annual electricity, maintenance, and office space costs. No wonder businesses of all sides are flocking to cloud computing!


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Key Benefits of IT Service Providers

  • Complete Hardware and Software Management. Imagine never having to see an update again. IT service providers handle all hardware and software updates and management around your schedule, ensuring your workday is never interrupted.
  • Predictable Monthly Billing. What good is an annual IT budget if you’re unable to stick to it? Quality IT service providers offer predictable, user-based managed IT services pricing. No surprise fees, no long-term contracts.
  • 24/7 Help Desk. Your work hours vary. Why should you be at the mercy of your 9 to 5 IT guy? Quality IT support companies are always available, just a click or call away.
  • Expert IT Consultation. Your successful business is going to continue to grow. Your IT infrastructure’s future should be planned out accordingly. IT consulting companies can help you get the most IT bang for your buck!
  • Data Backup and Recovery. Never worry about accidentally deleting a file again. Are you a contractor with data backup service agreements? Maybe you’re just worried about protecting your company’s information. IT service providers can offer fully redundant data backup and recovery services, to protect you from any data loss.

Do Managed IT Services Save You Money?

The cost of outsourced IT services can vary greatly, depending on the provider's pricing model.

With a reputable IT service provider, you’re charged a flat, per-user fee. No surprises. You’re paying for each user to have complete coverage of every piece of the network they’re using.

When you know what your monthly IT bill is going to look like, you can focus on using your revenue to do what matters, grow your business. A great IT service company will make sure your network is ready for that growth, too.

There are so many small expenses with in-house IT that can add up to big annual costs. Surprise maintenance and replacement hardware costs (along with overtime pay!) can ruin your entire yearly budget.


how to find the right managed IT services provider

How to find the Right Managed IT Services Provider

Managed service providers are beginning to consolidate. After years of growth, larger IT companies are beginning to acquire small providers who can’t keep up with ever-growing costs of cutting-edge security and desirable technologies like cloud computing.

Small IT companies simply don’t have the resources to retain the best talent. IT service management has become a hot commodity, and higher employee salaries can’t always be maintained by small firms.

Quality IT service providers hire and retain only the best technicians and engineers available. When you sign on with someone to handle your IT services and support, you need to know you’re getting the best.

In the U.S. alone there are over 25,000 companies in the IT services business - Ntiva is in the top 50, one of the very few providers to be honored with CRN's "Triple Crown Award."

Want to learn more about how Ntiva got it's start and how we're different? Read our story on "How to Find The Right Managed IT Services Provider" for you!


How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost?

There are many questions that people ask IT service providers, but cost is definitely the top of the list.

IT service providers can save your business money, while providing world-class support that’s customized to your needs. If you’re ready to jump on-board with a managed IT service providers, head to our IT services pricing page, and see which package is best for your business!


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