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Upgrade Your Business 
Phone System!

We already provide you world-class IT service, let us manage your phones as well!

Ntiva Voice is our brand-new upgraded suite of cloud-based telephony services, offering the exact voice capabilities your business needs, no matter how large or small.

From implementation to continued management of your office telephony, you can rely on Ntiva to provide consistent service and best-available call quality.

As the world of IT and telephony converge, we are proud to be a single source that you can turn to for all the core business technology you need to ensure business growth!

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Solution sheet: Why Choose Ntiva Voice




With Ntiva Voice, we've worked to a build the best custom business phone system. We can provide you with an in-depth consultation to help you determine which features of our telephony solution are best for you, and provide installation, optimization and ongoing management of your service.



UC is typically defined as cloud-based telephony that integrates with other business applications such as instant messaging, presence information, video chat, desktop sharing, online collaboration, mobility features and more. Our experts can help customize the right UC solution to fit your needs, creating a more productive environment for both you and your customers.



Delivering a great customer experience is top priority for most organizations, but the responsibility of managing it can be very complex. Voice-based call centers still play a strong role for most businesses, but your customers are increasingly looking for other modes as well, such as messaging, web chat and email. We can guide you through the choices, from simple IVR and queuing for small support teams, to enterprise-grade solutions for larger operations.

Why Choose Ntiva for 
Technology Services?

We know, you have hundreds of options when it comes to IT Service Providers. However, many IT shops simply don't have the staff to deliver the advanced services that are required today.

Ntiva is one of the few IT service providers who has the depth and breadth of tech talent to meet all those needs, offering all of this with friendly staff who understand your industry and exact business needs!

If you’re looking for an IT services provider that can be your single source for all of your business technology, from telephony services to managed IT to cyber security and more, you’ve come to the right place!


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Our IT consultants can evaulate, design and execute the right technology strategies that will help your business operate at peak performance.


A comprehensive cybersecurity plan is a must for the success of any business in today's high risk environment. Without a solid security strategy, organizations are open to countless risks.



The benefits of migrating to the cloud are many, but making the move can be daunting. Let our experts help you determine the best cloud applications and IT services for your business.


We know that technology is a crucial part of every business, and having the right IT services provider in place who can respond quickly and accurately is imperative.


"We have little to no tolerance for down time, slowness, or interruption to our business, and Ntiva helps us to avoid problems before they happen. I genuinely feel like they have our back and have no hesitation in recommending them!"
Matt Jones
Leading Authorities
"We were very impressed with the response to our recent malware intrusion. The Ntiva staff was very responsive and acted swiftly."
Mike Mohr
Westwood Country Club
"We took the dive into moving over to a Hybrid VOIP system…Ntiva did an incredible job and provided outstanding support. Just wanted to note that if in a military environment, we would refer to that as Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!"
Robert Jake Jakubek
National Guard Association of the US
"It's a comfort knowing the Ntiva team is there to support us. I’ve always experienced quick, reliable and professional service and I know that if I have to call on Ntiva, any time night or day, it will be a pleasant experience with positive results."
Susan Taylor
Council of Chief State School Officers
"I wanted to say THANKS to the Ntiva team. Service is always rendered in the most courteous, professional manner with a smile. Every tech on-site is responsive and proactive. Thanks for being here!"
Robin Johnkins
Ankura Consulting
"We engaged Ntiva several years ago for our firm’s IT needs. Ntiva has been critical in keeping us running efficiently and the team continuously offers steadfast and reliable support, quickly handling after-hours IT issues and on-site assistance as needed. Ntiva has proved itself as a valuable partner to Verasolve’s growth and success!”
Sarah Cody
"It has been wonderful working with the Ntiva teams. The transitions have been so much smoother than anticipated, it has been a truly pleasant surprise. Everyone from Karen, Russell, & Matthew, to the phone support techs who are, as promised, answering our questions in the first call, have been amazing."
Cheryl Eccleston
Executive Healthcare Services
"I get calls from other MSPs every day, but it's not a question I'll move on. I never check a bill...I know Ntiva could have made more money by giving me exactly what I asked for, and yet they countered with a solution that worked better for my company."
Josiah Hunter
Lindsey Business Group