How Proactive IT Services and Support Can Save Money
By Ntiva Editorial Team on Jul 7, 2016

How Proactive IT Services and Support Can Save Money

We are aware of the initial thoughts that run through the minds of business owners, which pertain to the skepticism of procuring ongoing network maintenance services when everything seems fine as it is. And there are seemingly more important matters to worry about, like the core functions of your business. But you should consider how time-consuming and devastating an emergency crash or technical error can be to your IT network.

Network downtime is unacceptable in any business and you can’t afford to lose hours or days of work or impede your employees’ progress with their own work. When a network failure occurs, you will most likely spend more money and time fixing it instead of directly investing the money on your business’s productivity.

Why Proactive IT Maintenance is Needed

Proactive IT maintenance will come with tools and services that will increase the availability and reliability of your network system. It will keep your network healthy and minimize the occurrence of a costly outage. Coupled with active remote monitoring, the service will be performed on a scheduled basis and your providers will be alerted when an impending outage may occur or has occurred. This knowledge is also crucial to reduce the total number of network outages and the duration of an outage, if one has occurred.

What Can You Expect from Proactive IT Maintenance?

Proactive IT maintenance will maintain both software and hardware at their current release levels to update security, add enhancements and fix bugs. It will identify issues that are capable of causing a potential outage, by checking resource usage, past system alerts and log records. Proactive maintenance also helps businesses to keep up with the pace of changes in IT, ensuring that all network systems are compatible with today's standards.

How Does This Service Help You Save Money?

As proactive maintenance is all about detecting future problems, the amount you will be able to save will definitely be significantly lesser than the price of emergencies, downtime and major network repairs. Network service repairs usually cost more than computer repairs, and can range between $75 and $100 or substantially more at a time. However, this depends on the difficulty and extent of the network problem and there is no guarantee that the average network repair technician can solve all your problems.

Additionally, the costs of downtime are calculated by how much money you will lose for each hour. To let you in on the full extent on how downtime can affect a company, there has been a case of a company losing $11,000 per minute until repairs were completed! As mentioned, proactive maintenance can reduce the duration of an outage which in turn saves the company more money – of course, the amount of money a company saves varies according to its business scale.

An increasing number of businesses today are working with an outdated network either due to neglect or lack of adequate knowledge. Such networks are also fast becoming inefficient and this increases the risk of a major network downtime. In fact, more than 90% of network downtime is caused by preventable failures. With that said, there are many things that are happening within your network that you may not be aware of. If you want to ensure your network’s uptime and understand the best remedy is prevention, don’t hesitate to contact Ntiva today about our suite of IT services!

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