IT Solutions for business by Industry

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IT services and support for NONPROFITS 

IT solutions for nonprofits are typically quite different than for a commercial enterprise. With over a decade of experience providing IT services and support for our nonprofit community here in the Washington DC area, we understand that efficient budgeting is of prime importance!

Although every nonprofit has unique IT requirements, the common goal of making the biggest impact for each particular mission is a constant. Ntiva can assist by showing you the right nonprofit technology for your organization that will help you grow and succeed.

IT services and support for Law firms

The legal industry is changing rapidly, due to the influx of new technology and ever more stringent regulatory requirements. When it comes to managed IT services for law firms, Ntiva understands the critical nature of ensuring network stability and security.

Billable hours are of prime importance, and wasting time with a flaky Internet connection, apps that don't work properly, or network downtime of any kind is unacceptable. Most critical of all is protecting sensitive client information from data breaches - your reputation is at stake and we have the technology know-how to keep you protected.

it services and support for FINANCIal consultants

Technology has become an extremely important differentiation in the finance and accounting industry. To attract and keep both clients and talented employees, firms must provide the sophisticated technology that they have come to expect.

When it comes to IT consulting and support for your financial services firm, Ntiva understands the unique IT requirements and the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis.From data protection to specialty hosted applications to staying on top of ever-changing regulatory requirements, we know how to support your firm's critical needs.

it services and support for HEALTHCARE

Industry regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS, are creating constant challenges for healthcare providers. While doctor’s offices and clinics may understand how to take care of the paper-based aspects of HIPAA, the technical obligations can be confusing.

Find out more about how we are helping our partners in the private healthcare space with superior IT support not only for their compliance needs, but with the day to day IT services and support that are required to keep your healthcare technology stable and secure.

it SERVICES and support for EDUCATION

Although most educational institutions have very robust in-house IT departments, they often get overwhelmed trying to support their day-to-day IT needs, such as help desk, computer support services, procuring hardware and updating software. Many of our educational partners choose to work with Ntiva as a strategic partner to supplement their growing technology needs.

This ranges from complete outsourcing of IT services and support, to helping with specialty projects such as hardware and software procurement, network and security consulting, migrations to the cloud and more!