Co-Managed IT Allows Chicago Real Estate Management Company to Thrive

Real Estate Asset Management
Real Estate Asset Management


Struggling to Keep Up With IT Needs

Mid-America Real Estate Group, a 260 employee organization in the Chicago area, needed help keeping up with the growth of their business. “We want people to have the tools they need to be successful, and we want to be on the cutting edge of IT” says Vice President Dan Hansen.

Dan knew they couldn’t do it alone, and in the midst of the search for IT help, five different Mid-America offices were hit with a broadcast storm causing their main server to go down and knocking out the network.

Dan called an IT provider he had been working loosely with, and was told it would be 4-5 hours. Knowing this would cripple the business, he reached out to Ntiva.

Our technicians were servicing on-site and had the network up and running within 45 minutes. The availability of Ntiva technicians saved the companies hours of downtime and untold sums of revenue.


Offloading Routine Maintenance to an IT Services Provider

After solving the security issues surrounding the broadcast storm, Dan signed up for a partnership with Ntiva as Mid-America Asset Management’s sole IT service provider.

The existing internal IT team were performing well in many areas, including knowing how to handle the demands of everyday troubleshooting and understanding the demands of employees when it came to help desk support.

The struggles were occurring with keeping on top of big picture infrastructure management, such as network monitoring, software updates, data backup and recovery and other important functions that are critical for minimizing downtime and increasing cyber security protection.


Co-Managed IT Allows Room for Internal Growth

“Our internal team has embraced Ntiva. Ntiva actually came in and sat down with us through our interview process to help us find the right candidate for a new internal IT position. From job posting, to the offer, to ‘what do we pay him?’ was all supported by Ntiva," said Dan. “Rather than being reactive to trends or needs, we’re being proactive. We’re in a great place with Ntiva.”


“Rather than being reactive to trends or needs, we’re being proactive! We’re in a great place with Ntiva.”
Dan Hansen, Vice President, Mid-America Real Estate Group