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Steven Freidkin

Steven Freidkin
Steven Freidkin is the founder and CEO of Ntiva, Inc., a Managed IT Services company that provides a full suite of technology services to businesses across the U.S., including IT consulting, cybersecurity services, cloud hosting and more.
MSSPs vs MSPs: How to Choose the Right IT Service Provider

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Many businesses lack the in-house capabilities to maintain complex IT systems and data...

5 Practical Steps To Protect Your Business From BYOD Security Risks

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The growing trend of bringing your own devices (BYOD) to work, fueled by the pandemic...

NIST Compliance Mandated by DoD For Award Eligibility

Here's the bottom line - if you are a DoD contractor and you are not in compliance with DFARS-7019, you may be ineligible for any DoD award. What has changed?!

How To Transition From Windows To Apple Devices: Tips for Businesses

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While Apple is the go to smartphone and tablet device manufacturer for a majority of...

3 Key Takeaways from Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order

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US government systems and critical national cyber infrastructure seems to be falling...

Compliance vs. Security - What's The Difference?

As we continue to see crippling data breaches, new regulations like GDPR and California's Consumer Privacy Act will only become more common. But is maintaining compliance to...

How Are CEOs Responding To The Coronavirus Impact?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate, CEO’s are quickly coming to grips with the fact that business will be anything but normal for the next few quarters.

How This Non-Profit Cut Their IT Budget in Half

All businesses have challenges when it comes to managing their IT budget, but budgets for IT support for non-profits and associations are even tighter. Here's how we helped...

Don't Gamble with Regulatory Compliance!

It's hard for businesses to keep up with changing regulatory requirements, and as a leading IT consulting company we know that many of our clients struggle with priorities....

Differentiating Your Business in a Commodity Market: CEO Perspective

How do you go from interchangeable to invaluable - when everyone else offers the same thing that you do?

Top 5 Things You Should Do After The Equifax Hack

It's all over the news - Equifax suffered a massive data breach which compromised the personal information of as many as 143 million Americans. Here's the top 5 things you...