5 Practical Steps To Protect Your Business From BYOD Security Risks

By Steven Freidkin | September 30, 2021
Steven Freidkin is the founder and CEO of Ntiva, Inc., a Managed IT Services company that provides a full suite of technology services to businesses across the U.S., including IT consulting, cybersecurity services, cloud hosting and more.

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The growing trend of bringing your own devices (BYOD) to work, fueled by the pandemic induced hybrid work environment, means organizations are now having to deal with cybersecurity threats posed by shadow IT systems

Even seemingly harmless downloads of applications such as Zoom or Teams onto an employee’s personal device can create a security risk to businesses. And, as BYOD usage continues to grow, this problem will only become more prevalent.

However, by taking appropriate measures, all businesses can mitigate the security risks posed by this trend. In order to help you effectively navigate and mitigate these risks, here are five steps all businesses should consider when designing their BYOD security policies.


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