3 Key Takeaways from Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order

By Steven Freidkin | July 1, 2021
Steven Freidkin is the founder and CEO of Ntiva, Inc., a Managed IT Services company that provides a full suite of technology services to businesses across the U.S., including IT consulting, cybersecurity services, cloud hosting and more.

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US government systems and critical national cyber infrastructure seems to be falling prey to an ever increasing amount of attacks. One of the most common threats currently faced is ransomware attacks, often orchestrated from within Russia or other hostile nations.

The recent Colonial Pipeline hack was a major wake up call in terms of the disruption these attacks can cause, by shutting down the nation’s largest fuel pipeline. What’s more, basic but robust data security protocols could have prevented this. Hackers gained access using a single compromised password. If only multi factor authentication was in place, they would have been stopped in their tracks and millions of dollars of economic disruption would have been avoided.


Thankfully, the White House has heeded this wake up call and in May President Biden issued an executive order (EO) entitled “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.” This aims to bring all government systems, and by extension government contractors and supply chain vendors, up to speed on their data security protocols.

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