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Frank Smith

Frank Smith
Frank is Manager of Ntiva's cybersecurity and consulting practice, has deep expertise in the government contracting space, and boasts multiple security certificates including CISSP and CMMC-AB practioner.
CMMC: A Comprehensive Guide For DoD Contractors

Most - but not all - government contractors are aware of the upcoming Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). We're providing this comprehensive guide to show...

Cybersecurity in Chicago for Proactive Defense Against Cyberthreats

A single leak can sink a ship, and that’s pretty much what can happen with poor cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is critical for Chicago companies as a single security breach...

Top Cybersecurity Threats at Financial Service Organizations

Cyber threats against financial service organizations are on the increase, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only served to accelerate this trend.

NIST Compliance Mandated by DoD For Award Eligibility

Here's the bottom line - if you are a DoD contractor and you are not in compliance with DFARS-7019, you may be ineligible for any DoD award. What has changed?!

SOC-as-a-Service: Cost-Effectively Improve Your Security Posture

If there was ever a catalyst for adopting SOC-as-a-Service then 2020 was it.  The year of the pandemic saw normal life upended. The unrelenting creep of the virus between...

Identity and Access Management in the Cloud: Policies & Best Practices

What is identity and access management (IAM)? The simple answer is, IAM systems give the right level of data access to people who interact with your organization. Today,...

How to Achieve a Higher Score on NIST SP 800-171 To Help With Your CMMC Assessment

CMMC continues to evolve in 2021, and more DoD government contractors are beginning to test their IT systems against the latest scoring metrics, as per DoD's new Interim...

What To Do If You're Hit With A Ransomware Attack

Just about every week this year we’ve seen a news report about a city, corporation, hospital, or school system suffering a ransomware attack that brought operations to a...

What Is NIST Compliance?
By Frank Smith | October 2, 2020

What Is NIST Compliance?

There has been a lot of confusion around NIST compliance, now mandatory for federal contractors. This brief overview should provide you with the information you need to...