Migrating to the Cloud? Things to Consider!
By Ntiva Editorial Team on Jul 3, 2014

Migrating to the Cloud? Things to Consider!

One of the biggest advancements in the world of IT is cloud computing. You may think you do not know much about the cloud, but in reality you have probably been exposed to it in one way or another.  Services like DropBox and Office 365 are common cloud software applications that are frequently used by many people. While implementing the cloud at your business is a great idea, it is important not to rush into it.  Here are some things to consider when migrating your business to the cloud:

  • Bandwidth.  Because you will need internet access to access your server, it is important that your internet bandwidth be sufficient enough to handle the new demands brought on by the cloud.  Before implementing the cloud, review your current internet solutions to see where you stand. 
  • Where and how it is stored.  While the cloud is virtual, it still is stored in a physical location.  Is your offsite backup stored in a safe location or is it vulnerable to risks?
  • Maintaining it.  Much like how you cannot buy a pet and then stop taking care of it, you cannot invest in cloud services and then forgot about them.  Ensuring that everything stays up to date is critical for maintaining the speed and security of your network.

With greater efficiency, convenience and productivity, migrating to the cloud is a great decision for your business.  Migrating to the cloud does not have to be daunting. Whether your business has an idea of what you want out of your cloud services, or you are not sure even where to start, Ntiva has your back.  As just one of a handful of true custom providers of cloud services, we can help you with all of your business’ cloud computing needs. Contact us today to get started!