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Make the most of your midday break and join us for our virtual, interactive Cybersecurity Lunch and Learn Series!

Cybersecurity trends are constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the best practices for your business. If you are tasked with making decisions about the best ways to keep your data and employees safe, then this Lunch and Learn series is for you.

We hold sessions once a month (Wednesdays @12PM) live, with on-demand recordings to follow.

  • Meet our tech experts with your questions
  • Upskill your technical know-how!
  • Live or on-demand sessions: the choice is up to you!
  • Jam-packed sessions: 30 minutes or less
Lunch and Learn

Cybersecurity for Business Leaders - Q1 2023 Line Up

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Jan 11, 2023, 12 PM

Cybersecurity Tools: Where Do They Fit In Your Small/Medium/Business, and How Do You Choose The Best Options?

Every day, we help our clients navigate the vast universe of cybersecurity tools and determine which options-if any-should be included in their security suite.

This month you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the different categories of security tools available and the best way to determine the right options for your business needs.

Completed. Recording is here.


Feb 8, 2023 12 PM

Vulnerability Management 101: Scanning & Remediation

Sobering fact: Once a vulnerable organization has been attacked by a cybercriminal, that attacker has access to sensitive company information for an average of 127 days. Many of these attacks could have been avoided if vulnerability scanning and remediation had been implemented in the organization’s security plan.

In this month’s Lunch & Learn, we’ll cover the basics of vulnerability management and why scanning and remediation are critical to identifying and treating security vulnerabilities in your organization.




Mar 8, 2023 12 PM

Penetration Testing: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

These days, penetration testing is a critical piece of any advanced cyber risk assessment plan. But what exactly is penetration testing (pen testing, for short!), and how, in practice, does it improve your cybersecurity and resilience?

In this month’s Lunch & Learn, we will be taking a deep dive into the role pen testing can play in mitigating your business’s risk of a security disaster.


Meet Your Host

Dr. Jerry CraigAbout Dr. Jerry Craig

Jerry is Ntiva’s Sr. Director of Security and CISO, offering more than 20 years in the IT and cybersecurity industry. Certified in numerous areas include Certified CISO, CISSP and CCSP, Jerry also serves part-time as Adjunct Professor in the University of Maryland Global Campus. A prior active duty Marine and long time contractor with the Department of Defense, Jerry is well qualified to provide you with the latest security strategies and technologies used by some of the most security-conscious organizations and agencies in the country!

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