How Technology Helped Improve Business Performance For LAI

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Leading Authorities


Improving Business Performance With Technology

Leading Authorities, Inc. (LAI), a Washington, D.C. based event management agency has partnered with Ntiva for IT support since 2010. With over 100 employees nationwide, LAI is kept busy placing speakers for events and managing live productions.

For LAI, everything hinges on rapid and reliable communications to keep both planning and ongoing events flowing smoothly.

However, their workflows were not working well due to a widely-dispersed workforce working out of multiple different offices, often using different devices with different software.

Keeping all corporate applications updated with the same functionality across all these different devices was a challenge for the internal IT staff, along with serious security concerns.

Bottom line, their outdated and inconsistent environment was starting to affect business productivity and put them at risk.


New Technology Including Desktop-As-A-Service

Ntiva was recommended as a top notch IT consultant, and was called in to perform an evaluation of the challenge and provide a technology solution that would solve it.

We met up with the existing IT department to talk through the details and get a full picture of their challenges. It was agreed that as a first step, implementing a remote desktop solution across the company would solve many of their issues.

This solution – also known as desktop-as-a-service – meant all employees would get immediate access to the most recent data and updated software applications, regardless of the device they were using.

Software updates and security patches could now be done from a single, secure location, making it much easier on the IT team. It also meant saving a lot of money that was about to go out the door on new PCs for every single employee, in an attempt at standardization.

The Ntiva team also created and documented an ongoing support plan to make sure their new infrastructure was well-maintained. It was at this point they realized that outsourcing ongoing, routine IT services such as maintenance and monitoring, could free up their existing IT team to attack more strategic projects.


Improved Performance and Ongoing Strategic Technology Guidance

By installing the remote desktop hosting solution, Ntiva improved the performance and reliability for employees on their existing equipment. This solution also helped LAI avoid a heavy capex hit which would have been necessary if they upgraded hardware and software for all the employees, as originally planned.

The recurring network management and monitoring services from Ntiva will keep the LAI network in tip top shape, and full access to Ntiva’s IT consulting services will ensure they receive the strategic technology guidance they need for ongoing business success.

Taking advantage of Ntiva's IT consulting services to help come up with creative technology solutions can pay off quickly!

Ntiva's Desktop-as-a-Service solution helped LAI avoid a heavy CapEx hit which would have been necessary if they upgraded hardware and software for all the employees, as originally planned.