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Colorado Springs, CO

Our award-winning team here in Colorado Springs is ready to support your business with expertise, exceptional customer service, and IT consulting to help you navigate the vast ocean of technology.

We offer managed IT support, consulting, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions for growing businesses. But what we really deliver is peace of mind: you’ll sleep well knowing that your computing systems are reliable and secure, that your employees are being taken care of, and that every investment you make in technology, truly helps your business.

AND, we’ve been doing it here in Colorado Springs since 2001. The core values that we started with over 20 years ago, continue to guide us today… build a great team, find the right client, and shower them with exceptional service, give back to our community, and have some fun along the way.

Our recipe for success is quite simple: always do right by the client, stay focused on what you’re good at, be yourself (no matter how weird that might be), and have passion in whatever you do…even it’s fixing a computer. Oh, and always hire people smarter than you, then remember to get the heck out of their way.

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Ntiva is proud to offer the following IT support services for Colorado Springs:

  • Around the clock support for all your employees
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Advisory services and IT strategic planning built around your company’s goals
  • A proactive approach to IT, focused on delivering exceptional customer service
  • State-of-the-art network monitoring and management
  • Professional CISO and CISSP resources for cybersecurity in Colorado Springs
  • World-class secure data backup services both on-site and in the cloud
  • Full support for Microsoft Office 365 and many other business applications

Ntiva Locations


2 N. Nevada Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903

vector-smart-object-1 Office: (719) 630-1280

Meet Some of the Folks from Ntiva's Colorado Springs Team!

Davin Neubacher

Davin Neubacher
General Manager

Shawn Morland

Shawn Morland
Director of Ops

Tammy Lasher

Tammy Lasher
Senior Accountant

Jeff Hladek

Jeff Hladek
Pro Services Manager

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Here’s what folks in Colorado Springs have to say about us…

Ian Lee, Loan Officer, Draper & Kramer Mortgage
Ian Lee, Loan Officer, Draper & Kramer Mortgage
"Plenty of places offer IT support, few places offer 'People support'."
5 star review
IT in my business these days is 2% Tech 98% the people that use it; thank heaven this team understands that. Top-notch customer support, been a client for years, stop reading this review and call them asap; you won't regret it. (They even have a conference table on their rooftop!)

Susan Edmondson,
Susan Edmondson, President & CEO, Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs
"More than just an IT company"
5 star review
They feel like a real partner committed to our success. Super responsive to issues. Really good about ensuring we are up-to-date with safe cyber practices. And they never make us feel like dolts when we're kind of clueless on IT matters! Our office runs so much more productively because of the support Navakai provides.

Derek Phipps, Co-Founder, Basis Partners
Derek Phipps, Co-Founder, Basis Partners
"They’ve been a core partner for us…"
5 star review
Navakai has been a core partner for us as we got our company up and running at a rapid pace. They filled every gap on the IT end and went above and beyond to make sure our team was able to focus on their job, rather than IT. If you are looking for an IT partner that actually responds to your needs, and helps you plan for the future, all while actually being fun to work with, look no further than Navakai. And no, I was not paid to write this, I really am a huge fan of Navakai and couldn't be more thankful for the service they've provided our company so far.

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Learn more about the Ntiva-Colorado Springs difference and why we have been selected to receive the CSBJ "Best in Business" award four years in a row!

First Place - IT Firm - NavakaiFirst Place IT Firm - NavakaiFirst Place - IT Computer SupportFirst Place - Best IT Company 

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Why did Ntiva choose Colorado Springs as a new hub for the region?

    Because Colorado Springs is awesome. It’s a perfect blend of high growth, a super strong community, and a city that offers a quality of life second to none. If you like making quality friends (i.e., clients) and keeping them, this is a great place for that.

  • How is your office dog (Kona) handling the new remote workforce thing?

    Not well. He misses the people, the constant attention, free treats, our clients, and of course, rummaging through everyone’s trashcan under their desk.

  • We’re not very happy with our current IT provider, but we’re also not very excited about having to look
    for a new one. Are all MSPs the same and if not, what questions should we be asking?

    You’re right…looking for a new partner isn’t fun, especially with all the technical jargon and acronyms you can be bombarded with. We’ve been doing this a long time and what we tell people is this: at the end of the day, most reputable MSPs are all selling the same stuff…remote support, capital projects, some flavor of cybersecurity, and software tools like antivirus. Because of this, it’s important to look for MSPs that value customer service and proactive communication as much as they do technology. Ask about their annual planning and consulting services, ask about their average response times and their customer satisfaction score, ask about staff and client retention, ask them what their company values are and how they put those into practice.

    And finally, ask about their hiring process to see if they look for technical folks that know how to effectively communicate to non-technical folks. Oh, and if they send you a quote before taking the time necessary to get to know your organization, that’s probably not a good sign.

  • If we partner with Ntiva, are we partnering with a national firm, or a local one?

    You’re actually partnering with both! While we have 400+ employees with locations throughout the U.S., our Rocky Mountain Region consists of a dedicated team of individuals that have been delivering IT Support Services here in Colorado Springs since 2001. We work and play here, our families are here, we volunteer here, and our amazing clients are here. Our continued commitment to our local community is a big part of our company culture…and our success.

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