Physical Therapy Clinic Migrates to Cloud for HIPAA Compliance and Operational Efficiency

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Fast Growing Clinic Needs IT Services Help To Manage Growth

The Jackson Clinics, a physical therapy practice with multiple locations in Northern Virginia, were on a growth spurt and were acquiring multiple practices to keep up with demand.

While this was great for business, they knew they would have a problem trying to manage a patchwork of different IT systems. Each office had it’s own set of hardware and software, which made data inaccessible to employees in other offices.

This was terribly inefficient, not to mention expensive, and with more growth on the horizon it was critical to consolidate all applications and data across every single office. They were also concerned with HIPAA compliance, and were unclear which offices were actually meeting the necessary standards.

Solving this quagmire was job one before any more growth could occur!


Migrating to Cloud-based Data Center for HIPAA Compliance

Ntiva recommended that Jackson Clinics move to a centralized, cloud-based model for all of their data and applications.

After a careful audit of each location, we came up with a migration plan that would cause the minimum amount of disruption possible. A due diligence security audit was also performed across the board, to ensure that all physical, network and process security measures were in place, to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Proactive cybersecurity management and monitoring, data encryption software and a robust data backup and disaster recovery solution we all integral parts of the proposed security solution, which is critical for healthcare organizations.

An ongoing managed IT and security services plan was also agreed upon, to keep Jackson Clinics on point with using technology to help them grow and compete, while keeping security top of mind!


Streamlined Day-to-day Operations and Long-Term Strategic IT Planning 

The clinic's newly upgraded network architecture and centralized data center meant both patients and employees could now move from one location to another and still access all information, bringing immediate benefits to day-to-day operations.

This new solution meant that opening up new clinics would be much easier and cost much less, avoiding the expense of installing and maintaining software and hardware in every single location.

Improving digital security across the entire company was also a critical move, as maintaining HIPAA compliance was and is a top priority.

Ntiva continues to provide for 100 percent of Jackson Clinic's technology needs, from day-to-day management to strategic technology planning, in order to help this business provide the ultimate in patient care.

The clinic's newly upgraded network architecture and centralized data center was a huge benefit for both patients and employees.

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