What is Desktop as a Service?
By Corey Shields on Feb 18, 2019

What is Desktop as a Service?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has become a hot topic for businesses in many industries, especially those concerned with security, data privacy and compliance.

As it becomes the norm for most businesses to have a percentage of their staff work remotely, often from different devices with various operating systems, applications and services, it also becomes more difficult to manage.

With everyone working all over the place, how can you ensure all of your files and applications are stored in one central location, that everyone has access to the latest data, and most importantly, how do you make sure that all this priceless data is secure?

Enter Desktop as a Service, or DaaS.

How Does DaaS Work?

DaaS is a cloud computing solution which brings all of your data and applications to a centralized hub, which is managed by a third-party vendor.

In layman’s terms, that means an IT service provider such as Ntiva maintains a server that acts as a central point for your organization. Each of your employees has a login to this central point, using software such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, which is installed on their desktop. (Or laptop, tablet or smartphone.)

Each one of these desktops is connected directly to the server. This allows all data to be stored in one safe location, providing easy maintenance and increased cybersecurity. No data resides on the user's devices, which can easily be lost or stolen.

All your organization’s applications and files are now stored “in the cloud” on the server, giving everyone access to company data they need anytime, anywhere. No longer will rogue files be stored on someone's PC that nobody else in the company can access!


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Top Reasons Why Businesses Use DaaS

  • Predictable Monthly Costs. DaaS is based on a per-user basis, so you only pay for what you use as employee headcount goes up or down.
  • Fully Redundant Backups. With DaaS, fully redundant backups will ensure that your data is never lost. You no longer have to worry about hard drive failures, human error, or even natural disasters. Most businesses will fail within two years of a data disaster, so it's not worth taking a risk with that old server in the closet anymore - your data is the most valuable piece of your business!
  • Easily Manage File Structures. Do you have sensitive files that only certain employees should have access to? These can be stored in the cloud with customizable permissions that are maintained and fully tested by your DaaS service provider, not by employees who may "accidentally" change permissions.
  • Anywhere Access. Employees can access files and applications from just about anywhere, from their desktops, laptops and mobile devices using a secure connection. No more logging on to company data from insecure coffee shop or hotel wi-fi!
  • World Class Support. You no longer have to worry about expensive in-house IT headcount. DaaS is cost-effective and your service provider should offer 24/7/365 help desk included in the package.

How Does DaaS Save You Money?

  • Per User Billing. DaaS is priced on a per-user basis, so you can scale up and down as needed.
  • Consistent Fees. No more variables on your IT budget. As long as you know how many employees you have, and the services you’ve selected, you’ll know how much to budget for your IT expenses.
  • Increased Productivity. How many times have you driven to the office just to email yourself a file, or waited around for someone to send you a revised document? Now everyone has immediate access to appropriate data, improving the ability to collaborate and ensuring everyone is looking at the latest and greatest!


DaaS vs VDI

Maybe you’ve heard of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), but don’t get it confused with DaaS. Both VDI and DaaS provide you with a central storage location for your files, but the similarities end there.

  • VDI is hosted on in-house IT equipment by an in-house IT team. In other words, your cloud is kept in your office. This method is expensive to setup, and costly to maintain.
  • DaaS is hosted off-site and maintained by an outsourced IT company. Your cloud is secured remotely in a highest-available Tier 4 data center, and all maintenance is handled by the IT service provider.

DaaS allows you to remove the IT equipment (and maintenance bills) from your office, keeping your energy costs and square footage requirements to a minimum.

Why Ntiva for DaaS?

Desktop as a Service, cloud computing, virtual desktop hosting...these terms seem confusing, but don’t let the lingo and acronyms deter you. A whole new way of working is right at your doorstep, providing fully redundant backups, predictable monthly pricing, increased security and world-class customer support. Contact us today to learn if DaaS is right for your organization!

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