CMMC Section 3.5: Identification and Authentication

May 5
28 min
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About This Webinar

When it comes to achieving CMMC compliance, the old business maxim holds true — it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Discover the essentials of CMMC compliance in this webinar on Section 3.5: Identification and Authentication. Learn about vital practices for cyber protection like who’s in your networks, who’s using your applications, and who’s accessing your data. Stay ahead of hackers with CMMC compliance! 


  • Introduction To CMMC Compliance
  • Exploring CMMC Section 3.5
  • Key Aspects Of Cybersecurity Identification And Authentication
  • Your Path To CMMC Compliance Success
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Meet Your Hosts

Dr. Jerry Craig.

Dr. Jerry Craig.

Jerry is Ntiva’s Sr. Director of Security and CISO, offering more than 20 years in the IT and cybersecurity industry. Certified CISO, CISSP and CCSP, Jerry also serves part-time as Adjunct Professor in the University of Maryland Global Campus.

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