CMMC Section 3.11 and 3.12: Risk and Security Assessments

October 13
27 min
Available to watch

About This Webinar

Explore key CMMC topics like risk assessment, vulnerability scanning, remediation, security control assessment, and system security plans, all essential for a robust cybersecurity strategy. Our expert, Dr. Jerry Craig covers seven essential controls, each concise and straightforward. We're here to guide you to CMMC compliance success!


  • Nomenclature & Assumptions
  • Important Updates
  • Supplemental Guidance
  • Individual Practices
  • 3.11 Risk Assessment
  • 3.12 Security Assessment
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Meet Your Hosts

Dr. Jerry Craig.

Dr. Jerry Craig.

Jerry is Ntiva’s Sr. Director of Security and CISO, offering more than 20 years in the IT and cybersecurity industry. Certified CISO, CISSP and CCSP, Jerry also serves part-time as Adjunct Professor in the University of Maryland Global Campus.