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Case Study: Legal Advisory Firm

Learn how Ntiva stepped in to assist a law firm that was struggling to manage its complex IT environment with a lone staff member.

The Client:

A legal advisory firm with about 150 distributed employees, who provide a wide range of services from estate planning to business law and more.

The Challenge:

When Ntiva was first introduced to the firm, they had no dedicated IT staff. Instead, they had various support staff trying to manage IT services for the company, none of whom had the expertise necessary to strategically manage growing IT needs.

As they continued to expand, they were worried their existing infrastructure wouldn’t support their new business plans.

For starters, many computers and servers were out of date, and they knew they didn’t have the digital storage they would eventually need. It was time to call for help.

The Solution:

Ntiva immediately stepped in to provide onsite IT support for the lone staff member who was handling desktop support needs. The entire office was migrated to Microsoft Office 365 to ensure all employees were using the exact same software, making the environment much easier to support.

It was also critical to quickly help the firm devise an efficient way to store and manage literally hundreds of terabytes worth of data. Law firms must adhere to strict archival compliance standards that made this even more complicated.

Ntiva proposed a cloud-based virtual server solution that would streamline their data storage and retrieval needs, and allow for unlimited scalability as they grew. The firm also benefited from Ntiva’s relationships with hardware and software vendors, enabling them to cost-effectively procure new infrastructure, such as devices and servers, as needed.

The Impact:

The new network design has helped the firm improve operational productivity, making document management easier for everyone, and employees happier and more productive with upgraded devices and software.

Ntiva continues to work with internal staff to help manage more complex issues, and now serves as their vCIO to consult on strategic technology decisions.

We are happy to work with a company's existing internal IT resources to help alleviate work overload, offering strategic assistance if and when required. Be sure to reach out to us if you would like to investigate how we can help your team out!

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