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Case Study: Educational Institution

Learn how Ntiva quickly helped this educational institution out of a dire situation, and went on to provide consistent and reliable IT support to keep their systems at peak performance.

The Client:

An independent school that offers a rigorous academic program for over 600 students from grades 3 through 12.

The Challenge:

The school first approached Ntiva to solve an emergency outage case. Their core network switching had completely failed, leaving them without Internet connectivity and therefore no access to student and faculty data, or hosted applications.

After the outage, the servers went back to factory reset and the school lost all prior configurations. With no documented plans on how to recover and a limited IT staff, they needed help.

The Solution:

Ntiva acted on the school’s initial outage issue within the day by sending a technician to assess the issue. After resolving the problem quickly, Ntiva was asked to provide guidance on what other improvements could be made to their IT environment. The school’s specific needs were analyzed against their existing system, resulting in a comprehensive proposal.

The plan recommended implementing a multi-node server cluster that allowed them  to centrally manage all their on- premise data, as well as helping them transfer appropriate data into cloud storage.

To help protect from future outages, a backup and recovery solution was proposed and implemented. Finally, a high-level strategy was devised and documented to help support the ongoing operations of the internal IT team.

The Impact:

The biggest impact of the partnership with Ntiva has been an increased sense of security and consistency around IT support. A crash of any scale means daily functions cease for those using the affected technology: students can’t access emails or do research and teachers can’t teach classes.

The regular maintenance services Ntiva now provides ensures their daily operations run smoothly without interruption, and should the worst occur, a solid plan in place for a fast recovery.

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