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Case Study: Architecture and Design Firm

Learn how Ntiva helped this busy architectural firm save money with a cloud-based storage solution built for massive amounts of daily graphic processing.

The Client:

An architecture and design firm with almost 200 employees that specializes in retail, restaurant, hospitality and real estate solutions.

The Challenge:

Over the past 12 years, this dynamic firm has grown from a handful of employees to almost 200. Today, they run a successful multi-disciplinary business that all have very different technology needs.

Due to the complex nature of the business, it would be almost impossible to employ a single internal IT resource with enough expertise to support so many different disciplines.

The Solution:

Ntiva has grown along with this firm from the very beginning, providing 100% of their IT needs. This includes everything from remote monitoring and management of all systems, recurring on-site support, 24/7 help desk, 3rd party application support, business telephony, backup and disaster recovery, and managing a massive amount of data that is stored and managed in the cloud.

One of our more important projects was the design and implementation of a tiered data storage solution that was designed and implemented to reduce the costs of cloud storage, and enable this company to expand.

While expansion may sound simple, in a world of incredibly heavy graphic processing combined with gigantic data storage needs, it’s not. Massive files and programs that need to be accessed for live changes require super fast speeds, which is incredibly expensive. Less active and archived data can be accessed at lower speeds as appropriate, to save costs.

Ntiva designed and developed a centralized, cloud-based data storage solution that offered tiered access to different types of data, ultimately enabling the firm to grow their business with the level of efficiency and productivity they required.

The Impact:

As the company continues to manage and modify their business, they will benefit from the flexible “IT as a Service” model that Ntiva can provide, allowing them to expand and contract as their business changes.

Having full access to a wide range of expert resources - with deep institutional knowledge of their environment - becomes a huge advantage to businesses who are looking to ensure they deploy the right technology for now and the future!

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