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Are you losing sleep over cybersecurity?

If so, it’s no wonder:

  • The shift to remote working meant that security measures fell to the wayside and cybercriminals found new opportunities for attack
  • According to CSO magazine, 63% of companies say their data was likely compromised within the last 12 months by hackers.
  • And the rate of attacks is increasing each year. Organizations lose $17,700 every minute to phishing attacks alone.

Hackers and cyber criminals break into networks for all manner of reasons, but the top four motivations are:

  1. Theft (stealing sensitive information)
  2. Extortion (ransomware attacks)
  3. Disruption (denial-of-service attacks, for example)
  4. Hacktivism (making a point, usually political)

So, what can you do about it? The first step is making sure you have all the facts. We’ve gathered our top cybersecurity resources so you can easily get the latest information about how to protect your network, systems, and applications from today’s top cyber threats, and how managed cybersecurity services can help.

Learn how to improve your cybersecurity with these helpful blog posts, eBooks, checklists, videos, and more.

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