Remote Workers Are Your Biggest Cybersecurity Blind Spot

Here's How To Fix It!

While remote work has introduced tons of benefits, it's been well-documented that the new 'hybrid office' is at greater risk for cyber threats and attacks.

Phishing attacks, password sharing, and unsecured personal devices (BYOD) are the biggest culprits!

Is your IT team delivering on the 4 biggest "must haves"??

  • Educating employees with automated phishing training
  • Protecting passwords & verifying identity with MFA
  • Monitoring every endpoint – including mobile devices!
  • Providing modern cloud-based backup and recovery

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The Ntiva Solution:
Managed Security for the Hybrid Office

Let Ntiva do the heavy lifting when it comes to your cybersecurity, at a much more affordable price point than with in-house resources.

We can scope out your situation, provide recommendations, implement, integrate and completely manage your IT security for you on a monthly recurring basis.

How Ntiva can help:

Manage Your Users
Manage Your Users
Verify identity, protect passwords, manage access, monitor activity and secure devices –including laptops, tablets and smartphones!
Block the Bad Guys
Block the Bad Guys
Proactively protect against sophisticated hacking techniques, all backed by a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC.)
Ensure Continuity
Ensure Continuity
The last line of defense – a proper cloud backup and recovery solution is a must for every single organization, regardless of size.

When Remote Work is Critical, Security is Essential.

How does your organization stack up when it comes to cybersecurity protection?

Ntiva offers a wide range of services to help protect your extended workplace and can recommend the appropriate services for your situation and budget. When you partner with Ntiva, you get access to best-in-class technology vendors without the headache of managing multiple contracts.

To get started, take a look at our recommended portfolio of Managed Security Services for protecting your hybrid office below. For even more details on remote work security, you can click here to access our downloadable cybersecurity checklist.


  Basic Better Best

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
Passwords alone no longer offer adequate protection against cyberattacks, data breaches and fraud. Reduce password risk by making sure your employees are who they say they are when accessing corporate applications, regardless of device or location.

Ntiva technology partner: Cisco Duo






Phishing Prevention Training
Most security incidents start with a phishing attack aimed at employees. Managed anti-phishing training provides you with an automated monthly campaign that steadily increases your employees’ ability to recognize, report, and block attempted phishing attacks.

Ntiva technology partner: Cofense
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DNS Filtering
You likely have a firewall, spam filtering and antivirus protection in place. But the sophisticated nature of today's cyber threats and the massive increase of home workers means this is no longer enough. DNS filtering adds an extra layer of security, blocking malicious or forbidden websites and applications so that they cannot be loaded on end user devices before these threats become attacks.

Ntiva technology partner: Cisco Umbrella
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Cloud Backup and Recovery
Successful backup is an absolute must have and is the foundation for true disaster recovery and business continuity. Old backup systems need to be upgraded! Today's up-to-date, hybrid solutions offer fast, full system restores, easy recovery of individual files, and full off-site data protection with instant failover.

Ntiva technology partner: Datto or Veeam
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Vulnerability Scanning
Before you layer on extra security, it pays to do a comprehensive network scan for the kinds of vulnerabilities attackers target most, including missing security patches, insecure settings, and unneeded services. These findings are analyzed, prioritized, and addressed, closing loopholes before attackers can exploit them and setting you up for security success.

Ntiva technology partner: Qualsys
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Endpoint Detection and Response
Anti-virus software may protect you from the simplest attacks, but it can't protect you against sophisticated, modern hacking techniques. EDR uses powerful AI to stop attackers in their tracks—even when your devices are outside the office firewall—and is backed by a 24x7 Security Operations Center.

Ntiva technology partner: SentinelOne
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Mobile Device Management (MDM)
If you have a team of home workers untethered from the core network, your standard desktop management policies will not apply. MDM solutions are used to monitor, manage and secure mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, whether corporate or employee owned. This is another must-have for a truly secure mobile business environment.

Ntiva technology partner: Microsoft Intune and Addigy

Intrusion Detection and Response
Today's modern IDR solutions monitor your network 24x7 for signs of attack before they happen. Necessary to meet most regulatory compliance requirements (NIST, CMMC, etc.), IDR consists of an automated threat detection system, skilled security experts who review these alarms, and remediation that happens in near real-time without interrupting your business.

Ntiva technology partner: AlienVault or Seceon

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