Finance Firm saves $800k based on expert IT guidance

icon-1.png   The Challenge

A DC-based financial services firm had just opened up their first office with four loan officers and a small administrative staff. 

They had aggressive plans to scale the business quickly, adding additional loan officers who would work remotely across the country.

They knew that that choosing the right technology would be key to making this happen efficiently, but were not sure where to start!

icon-2.png   The Solution

Luckily, before they invested significant capital in any technology solutions, they called in Ntiva to benefit from some upfront IT consulting services.

After an initial software and hardware audit, it was quickly determined that paying to develop a custom software solution would not be a good choice.

They were getting expensive quotes to develop what they needed, not to mention the ongoing maintenance costs that would have been required year after year.

Instead, Ntiva put out an RFP on their behalf and chose the best out-of-box software solution that would meet their needs, at a greatly reduced cost.

The implementation included custom integration with their telephony system as well as their file sharing system. This was all part of ensuring the entire system would be as tightly integrated and efficient as possible.


Putting the correct technology infrastructure in place based on the business goals of the firm was key to helping this firm get off the ground cost-effectively.

It also provided the spring board for growth, as we were able to tell them exactly what it would cost them to grow per loan officer.

In fact, this model was so successful they expanded the exact same business model to adjunct opportunities, expanding their business to go after other target markets.

icon-4.png   THE IMPACT

Ntiva continues to support the day-to-day technology needs of the company, including ongoing IT services and support with annual IT strategy sessions to keep them on track.

Taking the worry of technology out of the hands of the business and into the hands of the experts proved to be the right choice for this ambitious finance firm!


FINANCE FIRM Saves $800k based on expert it guidance

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