Case Study

NonProfit Organization Avoids Disaster

Learns the Importance of True Business Continuity

The Challenge

Server Failure Puts Convention At Risk Due to Inadequate Business Continuity Plan

A very prominent nonprofit organization based in Washington DC was in the throes of preparing for their annual convention.

This event was the biggest source of revenue for the entire year, so it was incredibly important it went off without a hitch. As luck would have it, four days before the big event one of their servers failed.

 They were unable to access any of the data connected to the event, which meant that work ground to a halt. At the time, they did not have a Managed IT Services Provider on contract, and their small IT team was in panic mode.

The Solution

Good News and Bad News!

The good news was that the organization had a cloud-based backup solution in place. The bad news was that it can take time - often days or weeks - to restore the data with file level backup, which is what they had in place.


Ntiva was called in to help, and we immediately dispatched a system admin to the site. Due to the type of backup, the admin had to start from scratch to restore the server to working order. This mean procuring new hardware, and then installing the operating system, applications, configuration, access permissions and more. The admin ended up working almost 24 hours a day for two days straight to re-build the server.


Day three began with the tedious task of downloading individual files from the cloud backup and attempting to put them back where they belonged. Miraculously, all their data was recovered before the event, but it was a nail-biting exercise that could have been disaster.


The Impact

Despite a competent IT team on site, it's hard to keep up with continual changes in technology, especially with staff turnover. There is a big difference between file backup and image-based backup, but no one ever thought to question what was in place.

After the event, Ntiva was asked to provide IT consulting services to recommend and implement a data protection platform that didn't just "back-up" the data, but one that would allow for true business continuity should the worst occur. This included documenting a business continuity plan that outlined the exact emergency response and recovery strategies that should be taken, an important part of a complete strategy.


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