By Steven Freidkin on Jan 23, 2018

How Seasonal Businesses Can Save Money with Cloud Technology

Do you have a business that has peaks and valleys throughout the year? If yes, make sure you’re not paying for technology services year round that you’re not even using!

We often speak to businesses who have a peak volume of business at certain times of the year, including  landscapers, retailers, CPAs and tax attorneys, schools, construction and others.

Many, if not all, are paying for technology services such as computer applications, server resources, phones and more – even when they are not being used.

This is completely unnecessary in today’s cloud-based world.

Following is a great example of how we were able to help a client shave off about $4k a month in technology costs, simply by moving to the cloud.

A nationwide summer camp that was headquartered in the DC area operated with a staff of about 15 people, for 9 months out of the year. During the 3 months of summer, the staff exploded to about 200 people spread across 40 locations.

For starters, they were paying for traditional phone lines to each and every one of those locations, all from different service providers. Not only was this a waste of money, it created a nightmare from a billing perspective.

They were also constantly trying to keep up with laptops and accompanying software applications. Again, they were paying for software licenses year round including the necessary maintenance fees, regardless of usage.

Going Beyond Basic IT Support

Almost any decent IT service provider can “keep your lights on”. Where the real value comes in is from strategic advice that helps you grow your business in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The first suggestion was to immediately move to a cloud-based telephony solution. With the cloud ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, they were able to fluctuate the number of users as needed. This meant paying for the phones in the DC office year round, but only paying for 3 or 4 phone lines in the remote locations for a few months each year.

Further, in order to save on the capital expenditure of buying dozens of new IP phones, we recommended each remote location only have one hard phone. It made more sense to install a soft phone app on a couple of smartphones per location, making them part of the corporate infrastructure.

We also suggested they move to a cloud-hosted model for their computer applications, which in this case was mostly Microsoft. Instead of purchasing software licenses and accompanying fees for every possible employee – and paying for it on annual basis - they essentially ‘rented’ licenses as needed from Ntiva.

This same concept applied to their server resources. The RAM, Processor, and Disk Space needed to provide employee access to their systems was kept lower (saving cost) for most of the year - and then increased during their busier months. They only wound up paying for what they used.

With a simple phone call, this organization can scale up and down as needed, and leave all the inventory and maintenance worries to us.

Technology changes fast, and it’s hard to keep up.

Whether you are a seasonal business or not, a good IT consultant can help you solve many of your business challenges. Don’t hesitate to have a trusted third party evaluate your environment for potential improvements!

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