Case Study: Streamlining Association Workflows
By Ntiva Editorial Team on Oct 16, 2018

Case Study: Streamlining Association Workflows

A 70-person association based in Arlington, Virginia approached Ntiva to help figure out how to make their internal operations more efficient. Almost a dozen people were working on their main fundraising event of the year - not a cost-effective strategy when so much else needed to be done!

They were looking for ways to free up some of this team to focus on member outreach, a much-needed function that was not receiving the manpower it needed to be successful.

There was no question that the team was delivering significant value by pulling off this terrific event, but it took months and months of work and involved way too many people.

Integrating Disconnected Tools Was the First Step

Each team member had highly specific, tactical roles - gather member lists, collect money, set advertising budgets, organize name tags, etc.

Many of these tasks were extremely manual. For example, printing the name tags required verification across multiple tools and re-typing by multiple team members.

In total, we discovered the team was actually working across five distinct, disconnected tools in support of this event.

To resolve this, we unified the workflows with an "off-the-shelf" association management system. This software was readily available - it was simply that no one internally had the time or had been tasked with exploring better technology options, let alone migrating and integrating existing processes.

Moving to the Cloud Helped Centralize Data

The new software was deployed in a cloud infrastructure as opposed to on-premise, ensuring there was a single centralized repository for all the data.

Working on different versions of data had been a big problem in the past, with individuals updating or modifying spreadsheets on their local PCs. You can imagine the confusion and re-work this was causing.

Additionally, we deployed virtual desktops, which meant that the team could access all the information from anywhere, while assuring that they were all looking at the exact same up-to-date data.

Valuable Resources Were Assigned to New Tasks

This one improvement enabled the association to realign staff to more meaningful tasks. Instead of having 12 people focus on a single event for the bulk of the year, they were able to reassign valuable resources to more important functions.

Sometimes it takes a third party with fresh eyes to come in and evaluate the situation, and then educate on what current best practices are for your specific industry.

By streamlining existing, outdated processes and implementing new technologies, this association dramatically boosted productivity which directly impacted their ability to meet their goals.

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