Investing in User Experience Design: 8 Ways Your Business Will Reap the Rewards

By Sean Blair | May 10, 2023
Sean is the VP of Digital Transformation at Ntiva. He leads the Digital Transformation team with over 20 years of helping companies solve complex business problems and modernize their systems and processes with digital tools and software. A tech guy at heart, Sean is always on the hunt for emerging technologies that can improve our quality of life and how we run our businesses.

Simply having a top-notch product or service won't guarantee online success. If your website or mobile application is confusing, hard to navigate, and unwieldy, potential customers will likely flee to competitors.

This isn't a theoretical observation: Recent survey data found that 90 percent of potential customers won’t return to sites that deliver poor user experience (UX) and 70 percent of online businesses fail by not meeting user expectations. 

The result? It’s worth taking the time to understand the impact of effective UX and how it can impact both customer satisfaction and ongoing sales conversions.

What Is User Experience Design?

Before diving into the benefits of a successful user experience, we need to understand what a good UX design looks like. UX design focuses on the experience of users when they use your mobile application or access your website. It’s a broad discipline, which includes visual application impression, ease of navigation and overall site usability. For example, great UX makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for on your site — from product pages to contact forms to information about your company.

Poor UX design does the opposite by making it harder for potential customers to interact with your site or app. If users have to spend time and effort searching for the information or functionality, they won’t stay long. Instead, they head to a competitor with better UX design.


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Discover the Power of Great UX: 8 Benefits to Boost Your Business

Building a better UX offers multiple benefits for your business, including:

1) Increased customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is not only important for retaining existing customers but also for attracting new ones. When your website or mobile application provides a seamless and enjoyable experience, it creates a positive impression that can lead to word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals. With improved UX design, your business can establish a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more.

Even better: satisfied customers are more likely to leave positive feedback and reviews, which can help boost your online reputation and credibility. In short, investing in user experience design can pay off in multiple ways, from increased revenue and customer retention to improved brand awareness and customer advocacy.

2) Optimized development

Optimized development is a crucial aspect of UX design. When websites and apps are designed with solid UX in mind from the start, companies can save a significant amount of time and money. Rather than spending resources reviewing and redeveloping these sites and applications, businesses can focus on what really matters: connecting with customers.

By streamlining the design process and eliminating the need for constant revisions, companies can allocate more resources towards enhancing their customer experience and driving growth. This means that the benefits of great UX design extend beyond just customer satisfaction and retention, but also to operational efficiency and long-term profitability.

3) Boosted sales and revenue

A smooth and hassle-free navigation experience on your website is crucial to retaining users and encouraging them to explore your offerings. This translates to higher engagement on product pages and an increased likelihood of clicking through contact forms, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates and greater sales. With a better UX design, your business can drive revenue growth and achieve long-term success.

A smooth and hassle-free navigation experience on your website is crucial to retaining users and encouraging them to explore your offerings. This translates to higher engagement on product pages and an increased likelihood of clicking through contact forms, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates and greater sales.

4) Reduced customer churn

Reduced customer churn is a vital aspect of UX design as it helps businesses retain their existing customer base. When users have a positive experience on your website or mobile application, they are more likely to return and make additional purchases. However, if they find it difficult to navigate the site or app, they may not visit again, and your business could lose valuable customers.

Moreover, even if a customer has made a purchase previously, they may still leave and choose a competitor if they have a better user experience. That's why it's crucial to prioritize UX design to ensure that users can easily find what they're looking for and have a seamless experience that encourages them to come back. By reducing customer churn, your business can establish a loyal customer base that drives long-term success and profitability.

5) Maximized ROI

Investing in great UX design not only improves customer satisfaction and retention, but it also maximizes return on investment (ROI). By creating an intuitive and user-friendly website or mobile application, businesses can attract and retain more customers, ultimately driving sales and revenue growth.

And the best part? Great UX design can achieve all of this while requiring less investment than traditional marketing and advertising strategies. This means that businesses can achieve greater returns with fewer resources, making it a cost-effective and efficient way to boost the bottom line. So why wait? Start investing in great UX design today and watch your digital investment pay off in more ways than one.

6) Improved user engagement

The longer users stay on your website, the better. Time spent engaging with your content, from blogs and articles to images and product pages, increases the likelihood that visitors will become customers. Better UX design makes it easier to connect with users during the first critical moments they arrive at your site.

7) Strengthened customer connections

Great experiences get noticed and talked about. Better UX design can help strengthen customer connections, in turn making it more likely that users will recommend your site to friends and family or leave positive reviews on social media sites.

8) Streamlined testing and scalability

Your website or mobile application isn’t static. From new content to evolving site design, it’s critical to keep your site fresh and current — especially because an out-of-date design could be a deterrent for potential clients. Starting with great UX design streamlines this process. New features can easily be integrated, tested and scaled with a strong and flexible user experience.

Worth noting? While it’s possible to build a better UX from scratch using internal teams and their expertise, it’s often more time and cost-effective to partner with an experienced UX/UI product designer to help streamline the design, iteration and testing process and get your new and improved UX up and running as fast as possible.

How Ntiva Can Help Deliver Better UX Design

At Ntiva, we’re here to help your business capture the benefits of good user interface design and unlock the potential of great user experience. From the initial discovery of potential pain points to strategy building, site design, testing and evaluation, we’re with you every step of the way. We work with you to ensure that we are representing your brand and maximizing your initial impression potential.

Ready to explore the impact of great UX?  Let’s talk.

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