Four Things to Look for in a Managed IT Services Company
By Ntiva Editorial Team on Jul 31, 2017

Four Things to Look for in a Managed IT Services Company

What do you do when your Managed Services Provider turns into a Managed Services Problem? 

Although Ntiva is a strong advocate for the use of MSPs, either to supplement in-house IT or replace it, not every MSP is going to be awesome.

If you should find yourself in the position of shopping for a new IT services company, here are a few things to make sure of.

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1. First, make sure it's really time to change your IT Service Company

There's a difference between having a bad day and being a bad vendor. Even for MSPs with a tremendous track record, there will still be times when accident or human error will break something critical.

Everything that applies to a bad IT department will apply to a sub-par MSP.

2. Understand what other IT Services Companies will offer

You know your company's requirements better than anyone else. When shopping for an MSP, you need to find the one that will tailor their service offering to those requirements. If your business depends on uptime, look for five nines in their SLA.

If your business depends on protecting PHI or PII, look for CISSPs on their security staff.

3. Make sure you aren't getting pushed things you don't need

You'd be surprised by the amount of infrastructure and software that companies own, but don't need. Up to 30% of IT assets such as servers, for example, sit nearly idle. At a large consumer products firm, consolidating software, hardware, and processes led to a 50% reduction in IT staff.

It's easy to spend money on technology you don't use. If a potential MSP uses high pressure-sales to load up services you don't think you'll need, take that as a giant red flag.

4. Have a long-term plan in mind for your IT Services and Support

If everything goes the way it's supposed to, your company is going to grow larger. In the best-case scenario, your MSP will be able to follow you up that growth path, offering IT expertise that is hard to maintain with a small in-house staff.

When you start out as a very small company, having an MSP manage your IT 100% remotely during the business day might be good enough. But as you grow larger, you’ll need not only round the clock support, but potentially more on-site services as well.

More importantly, you’ll want to work with a large pool of “been there, done that” IT experts who have the in-depth knowledge and range of specialty expertise to help you grow and use your technology wisely.

That’s unlikely to happen with a very small MSP.

Ntiva offers a wide range of services for companies at every stage of growth. Our goal is to provide highly specialized talent for lower than the price of an in-house IT department, giving your company everything it needs without unnecessary expense. 

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