architecture firm reduces cost of cloud storage by 70%

icon-1.png   The Challenge

A fast-growing architecture and design firm in Bethesda, MD was struggling to support the technology needs of multiple different business units, each with very different requirements.

Due to the complex nature of the business, it was too difficult for a small IT team to manage, and the firm did not want to use precious headcount to hire more technical resources.

Thus, they began the search for a Managed IT Service Provider to take over both their strategic and tactical IT needs.

The first item on the agenda was to determine how to expand quickly into new locations in a cost-effective manner, followed by a plan for ongoing IT services and support for all the different divisions.

icon-2.png   The Solution

Although the firm wanted to expand locations quickly, they didn’t have the infrastructure in place to support that type of growth in a cost-effective manner.

Ntiva came up with a proposal for a custom cloud storage solution which would save on the incredibly high costs of storing and retrieving massive design files, which what was prohibiting growth to new locations.

The firm also opted for recurring IT services, which included 24/7 help desk, onsite support, automated maintenance, preventative security management, and a solid data backup and disaster recovery solution.

icon-3.png   Technology Highlight

The most important project on the table was the challenge of reducing the costs of cloud storage, which was getting out of control as the firm continued to expand into different locations.

In a world of heavy graphic processing, combined with gigantic data storage needs, this rapidly gets very expensive.

Ntiva designed and developed a cloud-based data storage solution that offered tiered access to different types of data from all locations, saving about 70% in recurring costs.

The custom designed solution provided lower cost access to less active and archived data, while still providing high speed access to large files and programs that needed to be accessed for live changes.

icon-4.png   THE IMPACT

The firm continues to benefit from the flexible “IT as a Service” model that Ntiva provides, offering cost-effective day-to-day technology management, along with full access to a wide range of expert resources for ongoing strategic IT consulting.


architecture firm reduces cost of cloud storage by 70%

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