Apple Device Management and Monitoring


Vision-Bot: The Best Way to View Your Apple Device Data

Vision-Bot Apple Device Management from Ntiva

Get up-to-the-minute device health, security, and inventory information on your entire Apple ecosystem!

Vision-Bot allows our team to keep your iPhones, iPads, Macs, and MacBooks secure and updated.

Of course, device data by itself is not very helpful for making IT support and management decisions.

Vision-Bot uses graphics and summary data to help play a pivotal role in any Apple-focused IT environment.

With Vision-Bot, you get a summary level portrait of all Apple devices in an organization. This allows our team to more quickly and accurately respond to support requests.

Vision-Bot creates a portrait of security gaps and suggests possible solutions. It also enables management to know at a glance the age, warranty, and status of company-owned devices.

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Learn the Top Features of Ntiva's Vision-Bot

  • HEALTH: Vision-Bot helps our team quickly identify issues before they become critical. It monitors the condition of your Apple devices and highlights problem areas with easy-to-understand, color-coded health reports. It identifies devices with problems by symptom and severity so our support team knows where to focus their attention.
  • INVENTORY: Looking to get the big picture? Vision-Bot allows for browsing all Apple devices at once, or by department. Even when managing thousands of devices, Vision-Bot makes important information easy to find with a fast, powerful search feature.
  • SEARCH: Searching in Vision-Bot is extremely fast and reliable. Start typing a person or computer name, username, serial number, Jamf Pro ID, MAC address, or IP address to jump directly to that device. Plus, every device detail page includes a direct link to the device in Jamf Pro or Robot Cloud.
  • SECURITY: Working in a large company or school with thousands of mobile devices? Vision-Bot can subdivide devices based on the structure of an organization. This means we can provide managers and staff with their own Vision-Bot tailored to their departments.

The security your Apple devices need!

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Everything You Need to Manage Your Apple Environment

No Training Required
Every section in Vision-Bot has a help icon that describes what's being displayed and includes suggestions and next steps. This means faster and more methodical solutions to any potential device issues.

Save Time
With Vision-Bot, our team can quickly identify trouble areas in your Apple fleet, and go deeper with one-click access to Apple's Tech Specs database, and details about every device.

Vision-Bot allows for seamless integration with Jamf Pro, Druva Cloud Backup, and Apple Time Machine, ensuring total access and monitoring capabilities of every piece of your Apple environment.

Groupings allow our team to view devices in the context of a specific client, location, department, and even types of users.

Device Overview
We can quickly determine the health of a particular device thanks to the in-depth, easy to monitor overview provided by Vision-Bot

Device Details

We can easily dive into the details of any Apple device to see what applications are installed, hard drive usage, and even the exact RAM configuration.

User Management
Our experts can provide you access to any information you need with Vision-Bot user accounts.

Online & Email Reporting
Need to see a report? Want to receive a weekly email summary? All of this is possible with Vision-Bot!

Recycle Devices for Money
Vision-Bot can quickly identify which of your Apple devices are ready for recycling!

The Best Monitoring for Apple Devices