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About Us

Our mission: To provide exceptional knowledge, responsiveness, and support for clients of all sizes in a versatile technological marketplace while maximizing growth potential for both Ntiva and the clients.  As you grow, we grow.

History: Ntiva proudly traces its roots to early Geekdom.  In fact, our founder & president, Steven Freidkin was so comfortable in the techie jungle of CompUSA that he was mistaken for an employee at age 13 when he was asked for technical advice by a wealthy business man.  As it turned out, his advice was good advice, and soon his first client led him to 20 more, and his business continued to grow through high school and college.  Ntiva was born in 2004.  The company’s headquarters are in McLean, Virginia, just 13 miles northwest of Washington, DC.

The company has grown primarily through referrals, and through its absolute focus on the following core values:

Since our founding in 2004, we have grown by living up to our commitment to provide high quality, full-service, technology services targeted to every client’s needs.  We have extensive experience in designing, building, implementing, operating, trouble-shooting, fixing and maintaining corporate, private and individual networks and computer systems; if we see something that is impeding our clients’ productivity, we address proactively.  That’s another reason why Ntiva has earned a reputation as a premier service company that always delivers far more than comparable service providers.

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