Why NCD Relies on Outsourced IT to Help Them Deliver Great Customer Service

Health Insurance Company

NCD’s mission is to improve lives by connecting clients with dental and vision benefits that augment their health insurance policies. The company partners with major insurers like Nationwide, MetLife, VSP, and Careington to ensure easy access to providers and create a seamless customer service experience.


Customer service is at the heart of NCD’s work. The company aims to provide an incredible insurance experience, with white glove service to clients that eliminates wait times and connects clients with the resources they need.

But the insurance industry is cyclical. During open enrollment, when everyone is trying to sign up for insurance within the same limited time frame, companies like NCD see a major surge in activity.

To keep delivering great customer service during this busy season, NCD must be prepared.

This doesn’t just mean being fully staffed up: It also means employees need to be fully onboarded, equipped with functional laptops and software, and able to use technology quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, NCD won’t be able to provide the experience their clients and partners expect — right when stakes are the highest.

“Ntiva has offset the pain from some of our biggest challenges. They consistently provide great service and a great experience.”
- Will Britton, Director of Technology, NCD


While there was a clear need for IT support, NCD decided it was not cost-effective to build their own internal IT team. It also didn’t make sense to have an on-site, internal team at a time when most NCD employees were working remotely.

Instead, they outsourced their IT services to Ntiva, trusting the MSP to ensure employees were fully equipped to do their jobs at all times. To accomplish this, Ntiva has provided support both for day-to-day operations, such as Office 365 support, as well as through enhancements to the company via projects like new software rollouts.

“A massive workload has been reduced because we have outsourced IT,” said Will Britton, Director of Technology at NCD. “IT is a big function, but we don’t have to be concerned about it anymore. It’s been a really great experience.”



With the open enrollment season posing a very specific challenge in the insurance industry, NCD appreciates having consistent — and excellent — service no matter how busy their business might be.

“We know we can consistently rely on Ntiva. Laptops show up on time with the proper software. A person onboarded a week ago will be able to start up on time. If somebody has an IT issue, they won’t be out all day,” said Will. “And the fact we don’t have to be concerned with those things opens up our bandwidth to be proactive with other projects to help to fulfill our mission.”