Why You Need a vCISO

July 15
24 min
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About This Webinar

Discover The Top Reasons Why A vCISO Can Transform Your Company's Cybersecurity! Join our informative webinar to learn how a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) can revolutionize your organization's security posture. This session will cover the fundamental benefits of integrating a vCISO into your team, from providing expert guidance and tailored security strategies to offering cost-effective solutions compared to a full-time in-house CISO.


1. The History of vCISOs:

• Evolution from non-existent roles to CISOs

• Transition to fractional and virtual CISOs

• Misconceptions and correct usage of the vCISO title


2. Current and Evolving Needs for vCISOs:

• Industry best practices and compliance mandates

• Cybersecurity insurance and training

• IT architecture, privacy laws, and data protection

• AI and machine learning, third-party risk management

• Niche areas: mergers and acquisitions, risk management


3. Risks and Impacts of Not Having a vCISO:

• Compliance and mandate failures

• Blindness to security and business risks

• Increased costs, time, resources, and reputational damage

• Lack of expertise in navigating complex security topics

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