Microsoft Teams Meetings: Advanced Capabilities You Need to Know

April 15
36 min
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About This Webinar

Delve into the features that make Teams a powerful platform for meetings and webinars. We'll discuss breakout rooms, live events, registration and reporting features.


Join our host Ted Brown, the Director of Product Management at Ntiva, will guide you through the multifaceted world of Microsoft Teams, showcasing how it can revolutionize your online events, from small meetings to large-scale webinars. In this webinar, Ted will unveil the lesser-known functionalities of Teams that can significantly enhance your virtual collaboration, including breakout rooms for focused discussions and whiteboarding capabilities for interactive brainstorming sessions.

We'll also explore the innovative webinar features of Teams, such as seamless registration processes, interactive Q&A sessions, and detailed post-event analytics to measure engagement. The shift to remote work has underscored the importance of digital platforms like Teams in maintaining connectivity and productivity regardless of location. Whether you've attended countless Teams meetings or are new to the platform, this presentation is packed with valuable insights and practical tips to leverage Teams more effectively.

We'll demonstrate how to utilize breakout rooms for engaging, small group interactions and how the whiteboarding feature can foster creativity and collaboration in real-time. Plus, get a firsthand look at setting up and managing a Teams webinar, understanding the licensing requirements, and optimizing attendee engagement.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your virtual meeting and webinar game with Microsoft Teams. Whether for internal team collaborations or external client engagements, discover how Teams can be your all-in-one solution for effective digital communication.


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Meet Your Hosts

Ted Brown

Ted Brown

Ted Brown is Ntiva’s Director of Product Management, our go-to guy for all things product related and our certified Microsoft expert. With over 20 years in the IT industry, Ted has seen and done it all. Don’t miss these live sessions where you have free access to Ted’s incredible expertise!