Custom Application Development Services

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Custom Application Development (AppDev)

Does your business have unique software needs?

Sometimes it's impossible to find the perfect "off the shelf" software package that does exactly what you want. If your current business software is not meeting your unique needs, it may be time to look at custom development.

Our proven team can design a solution that will address your specific requirements, using a consultative and collaborative approach matching your unique business challenges.

Whether you need a clean handshake between your internal business systems and/or your customers’ applications, or the efficient automation of a complex process, we will help you create an ecosystem that’ll increase your profitability and be part of your IP for years to come.

Business growth requires a balance of efficiency, collaboration and speed - and that's what our custom web and mobile application development can help you achieve.

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Case Study! How Custom App Development Helped Landscaping Company Improve Performance



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Mobile and Web AppDev Services


Many companies are now looking for a truly "touchless" solution - even beyond "paperless" - not only in terms of minimal human interaction, but also in terms of minimal data entry between systems. Example: a scheduling app that allows customers to find available times while allowing for touchless data entry into the business' ERP and other systems.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile development capabilities include native mobile apps such as Android and iOS, IoT Integration, Wearable Apps, and HTML 5 mobile optimized sites.

Web Apps

Our web development capabilities include C#, .Net, LAMP stack (Linux, Apache My SQL, PHP), Laravel, Code Ignite, Cake framework, and more.

Custom Portals

We can design a solution that let's your customers and other value-system partners connect with your business and the full range of your applications (e-commerce, payment processing, ticketing, customer service, etc.) in a unique and efficient manner.

Business Process Engineering/Re-Engineering

As part of our Mobile and Web Application Development Services, or separately, we provide BPE/BPR consulting. We can help you …

  • define your business processes and align them to your growth strategy
  • determine the ROI, including impact and disruption, of any new/updated business and workflow processes
  • design future state processes, based on what will have the greatest impact to your customer and entire value system
  • implement the future state processes to realize these benefits … either as part of or separate from application development

Audits and Project Management

If your current application development project is off-target in terms of feature set or timeline, above budget, or you are not seeing the potential ROI, we can help you …

  • assess the current build process against the stated goals/charter (or help refresh those)
  • provide project management oversight and support to help get the development back on track