How Proactive Outsourced IT Helped Wenderoth Level Up Their Technology

Intellectual Property Firm

For more than a century, Wenderoth has helped their clients protect patents and trademarks. An intellectual property firm focused on prosecution, the company has been noted as a “highly rated” IP boutique, consistently ranking among the top 25 patent firms in the nation. With nearly 50 employees now working remotely, the firm continues to serve clients throughout the world.


Wenderoth has always outsourced their IT support, but the service they previously received left something to be desired. And sometimes it was downright careless — like when a managed service provider’s on-site specialist left a list of employee passwords taped up in full public view within an unlocked LAN room.

But the bigger problem? Wenderoth’s MSP typically waited for something to break instead of looking for ways to improve stability and performance.

“They took a reactive approach to IT management,” said Kristine Miller, Office Administrator at Wenderoth. “They weren’t proactive about making changes. Our IT was very antiquated, and when something would break, it had a snowball effect that would break other things.”

While it was clear that Wenderoth’s systems needed a complete makeover, their MSP had no plan of action. In addition to downtime and lost productivity, this led to widespread frustration with the MSP. Something needed to change.

“We’re confident in Ntiva’s guidance. It’s nice to have that partnership and confidence in somebody, and to know they value the partnership too.”
- Kristine Miller, Office Administrator, Wenderoth


There was no question that Wenderoth would continue to outsource their IT: While some members of the firm had, by necessity, learned how to troubleshoot a few of their own problems, there was no desire to build an in-house team. Instead, Wenderoth began a search for a more reliable MSP.

A trusted business partner referred the firm to Ntiva. “When we switched to Ntiva, we had an aggressive plan. Not only did we change IT companies, we were also doing an office build out, and had a goal of moving everything to the cloud,” Kristine explained.

Ntiva listened to Wenderoth’s needs and put together a plan to help the firm move forward. That included guiding the firm throughout the cloud migration while stabilizing systems and providing help desk support. Wenderoth was able to level up their technology and solve their biggest IT challenges.



Wenderoth has been so pleased by Ntiva’s service that they’ve recommended the company to other IP firms. What Wenderoth values in particular is Ntiva’s proactive approach to problem solving, along with the guidance Ntiva provides on improving systems.

“If you try to do it all on your own, you’re not necessarily going to have people equipped with the right knowledge about new technology,” Kristine said. “Working with Ntiva means we have access to layers of people in positions of expertise.”

With Wenderoth’s systems now stabilized, and confidence in Ntiva’s IT support, the firm’s employees can focus on work without cascading problems leading to downtime.