How Outsourced IT Keeps MxV Rail on the Right Track With Technology


MxV Rail, headquarter in Pueblo, Colorado, serves as the railway industry’s research partner and independent advisor, testing breakthrough technologies to solve immediate and longstanding challenges. In addition to its advisory role, the company also operates the Security and Emergency Response Training Center, which teaches first responders how to safely respond when something goes wrong on the rails.


Keeping Up With Changing Technology

For years, the 250 employees of MxV Rail were supported by an in-house IT department of just three or four people. Unfortunately, this small team couldn’t keep up with changing technology. “Our previous team didn’t know what type of infrastructure we should be working on, or how we should plan for capital investments of technology,” explained MC Jones, Principal Investigator at MxV Rail. Given that 90% of the company’s operations would grind to a halt if their technology failed, they knew it was time for a change.

“What I’ve learned over the last year and a half is that there’s a big benefit to outsourcing IT. Ntiva’s business is to know what’s on the leading edge of technology and the best practices we should adopt.”
- MC Jones, Principal Investigator, MxV Rail


Outsource IT to the Experts

When the company transitioned from a central research center in Chicago to a multicampus hub in Pueblo, Colo., in 2021, it was the perfect opportunity to outsource their IT to Ntiva. Doing so enabled MxV Rail to adopt and implement technology solutions that created a more resilient IT infrastructure. Ntiva also provided a dedicated, onsite employee whose focus was solely on MxV Rail. “Our onsite support does a great job,” Jones said. “He is easy to work with and is always very responsive.” With these resources in place, MxV Rail could take steps toward its future.


Listen to MC Jones talk about why MxV Rail chose to move from in-house IT to outsourced IT, along with the benefits they have enjoyed.



A Solid Foundation on Which to Keep Building

Since outsourcing IT services to Ntiva, MxV Rail has updated its infrastructure and retired old hardware and systems. They’ve also gotten rid of their physical servers and migrated their systems to the cloud. These changes have helped to reduce costs and create new efficiencies while laying the groundwork for further improvements. And with their own business secured, MxV Rail can stay focused on moving their industry forward.