Enterprise-Level IT Managed Services, Hand-in-Glove Partnership

Magnetic Product Manufacturer


Seeking Managed IT Services They Could Trust

Industrial Magnetics Inc. is a manufacturer of magnetic products for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. IMI is the industry’s leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing permanent and electromagnetic solutions for its customers.

The company hired Ntiva to co-manage its IT services alongside their in-house IT and leadership team. During the pre-onboarding process, Ntiva took inventory of all software and hardware and assessed current cybersecurity to identify any vulnerabilities they had in place.


Enterprise-Level Management … And a Part of the Team

Ntiva provided the client's IT team with access to enterprise-level management tools, including networking management software, inventory management, and ticket management.

Along with network management, Ntiva's security team implemented security protocols, including anti-virus, anti-malware, end-point security detection, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and ongoing employee security training.

In addition to establishing security protocols, Ntiva provided ongoing security training for IMI's staff members. A schedule was put into place for IMI and Ntiva teams to meet regularly to discuss IT strategy, budgeting, and short and long-term recommendations.



Demonstrably Better Security

By working with Ntiva, IMI can more easily manage all assets and rollout updates. They also now have a reliable inventory management system that allows all hardware and software to be documented, along with any relevant pictures. To top it all off, IMA has access to Ntiva's enterprise-level IT support ticket management system, optimizing their support processes.

The differences were immediately noticeable, and not only to IMI’s team: They were given a discounted cyber liability insurance rate by their provider, thanks to the additional security protocols and tech stack put in place.

"Ntiva’s exceptional work in improving our cybersecurity infrastructure has been instrumental in not only safeguarding our sensitive data but also in reducing our cyber security risk stance. Their comprehensive approach to addressing our vulnerabilities and implementing the necessary measures has given us peace of mind in knowing that our organizations are well-protected and well-organized. We are grateful for their partnership and highly recommend their services to any organization seeking top-notch technology solutions."
- Ron Hegyesi, CEO, IPEC Holdings
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